Corrections Essay Topics

Prevention and Mitigation Analysis

Date:             Arizona department of correction is considered as one of the largest women’s prison which has been privatized. These departments were placed in eight different locations. Arizona is making efforts to have many prisoners housed in both private and public facilities since the number of inmates is gradually growing. So, Arrangement is needed to… View Article

Probation and Parole in the United States

Abstract Employee security problems and high risk caseloads progressively will move agents away from customary probation ideas of casework in the direction of ideas lined up with control or disciplinary beliefs. This study analyzes how the role of probation and parole has altered and what the future will be like counting on how we respond… View Article

Criminal Justice System

When defining crime it different from country or may be even states such as in the United State American, according to the law at hand. In this paper, one will learn the definition of crime as it applies here in the U.S.A in Its relationship to the law, and the two most common models of… View Article

Verbal Communication

Verbal and nonverbal communication can affect the way that communication is interpreted among many people throughout society and within the criminal justice system. Communication is the best way to relay information whether it is verbal or nonverbal. Both of these forms of communication can be effective throughout the criminal justice system from police situations, courtroom… View Article

Juvenile Justice Process and Correction

Xander L. is a young man with a rough start in life, who is a known gang member, and has been in and out of the juvenile court system on numerous occasions. The 17-year-old young man has been involved in various crimes, such as purse snatching, breaking and entering, and drug possession. The juvenile offender… View Article

Roles of Correctional Officers

Correctional officers play a vital role in the prison system. They are the first line of defense in prisons. They are ultimately responsible for the safety, security, and supervision of inmates that are under their care. They must enforce all the rules and policies that the prison officials emplace in order to maintain good order… View Article

Approaches To Crime Prevention

Introduction Crime prevention can be influenced by many things like social work, sociology, community, urban planning and design, criminology and even education. This paper will focus on the dominant approaches to crime prevention that is used by law enforcement, courts and corrections. It will compare and contrast all the dominant approaches and then analyze which… View Article

Criminal Justice organizational trends

The criminal justice system has gone through many changes throughout the past decades. Throughout its journey the criminal justice system has been reformed numerous times striving to perfect its process. Because of the numerous changes to the format it has been expanded and is unrecognizable from the days when crude management and organizational theories were… View Article

Community Corrections Paper

We are all familiar with the concept of prisons and jails as punishment for committing crimes as well has someone receiving probation instead of imprisonment; however there are also community corrections which many of us are unfamiliar with. Community Correction programs are an alternative to sending someone to jail or prison and are often operated… View Article

Prison Reform

Three inmates could be released from prison today. Two of them will end up right back in the system within three years. This statistic should be enough to conclude that America’s prison systems are failing miserably with the rehabilitation of inmates. How is it plausible for every correctional facility to think isolation, segregation, and overcrowding… View Article

Educating Inmates: They Are Still Human Too

Introduction We live in a modern society that still hold traditional morals and beliefs. Prisoners are seen as inhumane animals who bring nothing but misery and cruelty to the world. An education is one of the most important things one may ever receive in their lives. One can no longer gain any type of employment… View Article

Administrator Challenge Paper

My experience in corrections is limited to only 4 years. I feel that in my time there, I learned a lot about what the custody part of corrections job consists of, not necessarily what the parole portion or the prison administration does. As a first line supervisor within the correctional system, the staff was held… View Article

The Criminal Justice System

“America imprisons 756 inmates per 100,000 residents, a rate nearly five times the world’s average. About one in every 31 adults in this country is in jail or on supervised release. Either we are the most evil people on earth or we are doing something very wrong.” (Webb, 2009, p. 4) This paper will look… View Article

Correctional Subculture

The correctional subculture has various ethical questions pertaining to a correction officer and his duties. According to Thomson and Wadsworth (2005), when an officer makes the decision to reprimand or write a disciplinary report, he is playing a role in the Criminal Justice System (p. 316). A disciplinary committee also has a dilemma because he,… View Article

Private Prisons

Oct. 18, 2001 Thesis Private prisons can be a profitable and secure alternative to government run Statement prisons. Private prisons are able to be profitable by controlling the administrational cost of operating the facilities. At the same time, they must adhere to high governmental standards to maintain the right to operate. Background As a nation,… View Article