Corporation Essay Topics

Boeing corporation crisis

Attached is a report of the biggest crisis that the Boeing Corporation has ever faced in its existence. First it will describe the events leading up to the problem before it became a public issue. Then we will discuss in extensive detail exactly what the problem is that Boeing is facing and how they can… View Article

What Is modern Sport?

Throughout the 1970’s, sociologists used the conflict and functionalist theory to lead their examination of sports in society. Each theory is based on different assumptions about the establishment of social order in society and different conclusions about the significance and consequences of sports in civilization. (2) Sociologists using the conflict theory, view society as an… View Article

Organizational Forms

There are several types of organizational forms that a business can choose from. Each form presents pros and cons that may or may not be suitable for a particular business. This report will review characteristics such as: liability, income taxes, longevity or continuity, control, profit retention, location, convenience and burden for each business form and… View Article

Owning a Small Business

1.Sole proprietorship – Provide an example of a sole proprietorship in your town or community. What might be some advantages to owning this business? What are some of the biggest challenges that the owner likely faces? •Subway is the business that is a sole proprietorship in my town. The advantages of owning this business would… View Article

Washington-Jones Inc. (WJI)

Being a growing business consulting firm, Washington-Jones Inc. (WJI) has to develop a corporate culture that would enable every individual in its team to manifest personal and communicative qualities needed for the company to meet demands that market puts to the ways WJI conducts its core activities and to its structure that must be maximally… View Article

Big Corporations, Big Lawsuits

Introduction The lawsuit over the defective design of Firestone tires put on Ford Explorers was perhaps the most publicised event when a company was sued for defective produce. This defect also resulted in a large number of accidents causing over 200 deaths and 700 injuries in the US alone, in addition to accidents in Venezuela,… View Article

MBA Corporate Governance And Responsibility

Why did it take 10 years to bring Harshad Mehta to justice? What weaknesses in the financial markets allowed such abuse to succeed? Harshad Mehta’s scam was one which involved huge magnitudes, which is why it probably came into light in the first place.[1] Scams of smaller magnitude are happening almost everyday at the Bombay… View Article

Event Management

Event management is a part of management studies that aims to apply science of project management to the organization of functions, festivals and special occasions with the aim of successfully conducting the entire event to achieve its purpose. The corporate and business world has realized the significance of a smoothly conducted business in their growth… View Article

Eagle Boys Pizza Report

Founded by a young baker in his mum’s garage in 1987, Eagle Boys now operates more than 335 stores throughout all states of Australia. It is one hundred per cent Australian owned and operated and delivers pizzas to hungry families across Australia – from metropolitan inner city areas to small remote towns. With over 8,000… View Article

Multinational Perspective

Multinational corporations originated from the need for substantial capital and limited risks for large industrial or commercial consortiums for overseas trade. The modern concept of multinational corporations came into being during the 17th and 18th centuries and a good example of such a venture is the British East India Company in South Asia and the… View Article

Mcdonald’s Business Type and Purpose

McDonald’s was invented in the year 1940 and has currently about 34 000 restaurants in the whole world. Since McDonald’s was found they established loads of shops especially in Europe and America. McDonald’s is obviously a private company and is owned by a head of shareholders. It was found by Richard and Maurice McDonald’s and… View Article

THE Nuremberg Trials

Section 1: Introduction      Hypotheses      Importance of Study      Methodology Section 2: Presentation and Analysis of Data      (a) The Need for Gaining Justice: Holocaust’s History      (b) The Victims to Whom Justice Must be Rendered Section 3: Topic Summary Section 4: End Notes   The Nuremberg Trial Section 1: Introduction      Holocaust had… View Article

The News Corporation

Question 1   1.1 Introduction News Corp, a global media-giant had humble origins in Australia. Its success to such a lofty height can be credited to the vision of Rupert Murdoch. He credits the following Critical Success Factors (CFC’s) to be the driving force of the company: Change is welcomed. Nothing is accepted at face… View Article

The Thomson Corporation

The Thomson Corporation and its subsidiaries, with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, and operations in 37 countries, provide information services to business and professional customers worldwide. The family-owned organization operates through five segments: Thomson Legal, Thomson Tax and Accounting, Thomson Financial, Thomson Scientific, and Thomson Healthcare. The company began its roots with Roy Thomson who in… View Article

The Use of Earnouts in the Financial Sector Industry

Introduction The impact of control and ownership on companies and institutions has been a prominent topic of interest among financial economist since as early as the works of Berle and Means (1930). Mergers and acquisitions are a laboratory for the study of this separation of ownership and control and the problems that ensue. One basic… View Article