Corporate tax Essay Topics

TurboTax and TaxCut

This article focuses on what individuals and families must consider when making financial decisions and plans to buy long-term care insurance. As people get older they have to plan for and make decisions about how to pay for nursing home care. If insurance in general provides protection against financial disasters, then long-term care insurance protects… View Article

Tax Code

1. Falit (as cited by Robertson, 2007) states that one improvement in the 2007 proposal is that the Bush Administration still seemed fixated on the “Health Savings Accounts” which were too complicated to really help the average American, and simply expanding them would have helped little. Moreover, this needless complication created another “market distortion associated… View Article

CGA-Tax Assignment

Justina Stein comes to you, a CGA, for some tax advice on claiming $120,000 business investment losses in 2012 and in future years, from the sale of her shares which she believes may qualify as small business corporation (SBC) shares. She has heard that such losses are given special treatment under the Act. Briefly explain… View Article

Pretax accounting income

On January 1, 2010, Ameen Company purchased a building for $36 million. Ameen uses straight-line depreciation for financial statement reporting and MACRS for income tax reporting. At December 31, 2012, the carrying value of the building was $30 million and its tax basis was $20 million. At December 31, 2013, the carrying value of the… View Article


CPA Report The manager of a large organization has asked the CPA to provide information to outside CPAs examining a subsidiary that has been set up as a corporation. As a part of their review, the outside CPAs want to be provided with the several explanations. The CPAs want to know the methodology used to… View Article

Importance of Family

THE FAMILY AS THE BASIC UNIT OF SOCIETY The family unit – principally a man and a woman living together in harmony and peace – is and always will be the basic social organization or unit of any society. This relationship alone provides stability in a sexual, emotional, intellectual and social way as no other… View Article