Corporate finance Essay Topics

Reasons Why Corporate Acquisitions Occur and Fail

There are a number of reasons why a firm purchases another company. Mullins (2001) stated several of these reasons, one of which includes the most apparent and important reason—to increase profit and maximize its shareholder’s wealth. Elimination of competition is another reason to acquire a firm. Some companies acquire their competitors to reduce competition and… View Article

Finance & Strategic Management

Over the past decades the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has continued to grow in importance and significance due to external pressure of diverse stakeholders, and has thereby become more prominent on companies’ agendas (Carroll & Shabana, 2010; Beurden & Gossling, 2008). The concept of CSR has been subject to considerable debate, commentary, theory… View Article

Dezember and Zimmerman

The authors, Dezember and Zimmerman (2012) report that almost six years after being purchased by private groups in 2006, Michaels Stores Inc. has plans to take the retailer public again. Currently owned by the private-equity firms Blackstone Group LP and Bain Capital LLC, Michaels no longer has equity securities listed on the New York Stock… View Article

FedEx vs UPS – Battle for Value

The Battle for Value, 2004: vs. United Parcel Service, Inc. (“UPS”) and FedEx Corp. (“FedEx”) are two of the largest air delivery and freight services. With the current transportation agreement between the United States and China the market in which these companies conduct business is going to grow. This is a positive agreement for both… View Article

The Timken Company

THE TIMKEN COMPANY Teaching Note Synopsis and Objectives The acquisition of Torrington from Ingersoll-Rand (IR) required a strategy that would meet both the investment and the financing objectives of the Timken Company. In that regard, the case provides an excellent example of the principle that investment and financing decisions can be considered independently. In effect,… View Article

Acc 291 Reflective Summary Week 3

Calculating stock, dividends, and stock splits Stock is buying into ownership of a company. It is buying into their assets as well as their earnings. To calculate stock one must understand how to calculate the earnings per share. To calculate the earnings per share take the net earnings and divide by the outstanding shares. Dividends… View Article

Mensa Strategy

A five-year strategic plan Mensa has been engaged with the various businesses, which include; packaging, forest products, energy and financial services businesses. There is a lot of change on multiple levels of the company which is necessary for Mensa to achieve profitability. This strategic plan will provide the correct direction to the business to achieve… View Article

Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratio

Determinants of Dividend Payout-Ratio: A Study of Philippine Stock Exchange-Listed Banks, 2007-2011 Introduction Dividend policy is one of the most controversial subjects in finance literature and still `management always ponders about the dividend payment and also why investors need to pay attention on dividend. It is also a corporate profit that is paid out or… View Article

Final Exam Review

FINAL EXAM REVIEW BE15-4. Lump-Sum Sales Ravonette Corporation issued 300 shares of $10 par value common stock and 100 shares of $50 par value preferred stock for a lump sum of $13,500. The common stock has a market price of $20 per share, and the preferred stock has a market price of $90 per share…. View Article

Linear Technology

Linear Technology is a technology company that focuses on the different elements of semiconductors. The company mostly focuses on analog products within the semiconductor portion of the electronic industry. Linear Technology was unique in their payout policy in the sense that they started with announcing dividends and then continued onto repurchasing. Linear started dividends to… View Article

Capital Structure within Ford

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to analyze Ford Motor Company’s capital structure to understand the financial risks and companies financial make up. The research paper will also discuss the Modigliani and Miller capital structure theory including common criticisms. To understand Fords profitability we will take a close look at their financial ratios including… View Article

Sealed Air Question Guide

Capital structure and risk management Case study #4: Sealed Air Corporation The following questions refer to Sealed Air Leveraged Recapitalization (A) case (Harvard case #9‐294‐ 122), and they are meant to guide your analysis of this case. Please make sure your case write‐up addresses all of the questions. Your write‐up should be 4‐6 pages, plus… View Article