Contribution Essay Topics

Transfer application for University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

My high school years demonstrate a strong history of community involvement and social work that gave me a chance to develop my communication skills, translate leadership potential into real actions and let me help other people in meaningful and effective ways. The combination of various activities and burden of multiple responsibilities also proved a challenge… View Article

Tyler Pet Foods – Case Analysis

Tyler Pet Foods, Inc. met with representatives of Marketing Ventures Unlimited to discuss possible entry into the household dog food market in the Boston Massachusetts metropolitan area. The meeting raised the question: “Is there a place for Show Circuit in the dog food market?” COURSES OF ACTION After the meeting, Tyler Pet Foods had several… View Article

Rodolfo Furniture Store

Rodolfo Furniture Store Rodolfo Rodriguez is an entrepreneur in the furniture business in San Juan Puerto Rico. His furniture business has distinguished from the rest in the market by his employee’s craftsmanship in the manufacturing of his furniture. But recently his market has received some foreign competitor that has forced Rodolfo to search for other… View Article

Waltham Motors Case

As per calculations, actual cost per unit is $4.8 higher than the budgeted one. The same is also obvious from the given data as per exhibit 1. Analysis: Although, the actual production, in terms of number of products, registered a 22.22% decline from the budgeted production, the total cost (both variable and non variable costs)… View Article

Hallas Company

Hallas Company manufactures a fast-bonding glue in its Northwest plant. The company normally produces and sells 40,000 gallons of the glue each month. This glue, which is known as MJ-7, is used in the wood industry to manufacture plywood. The selling price of MJ-7 is $35 per gallon, variable costs are $21 per gallon, fixed… View Article

Cost Accounting

Origins All types of businesses, whether service, manufacturing or trading, require cost accounting to track their activities.[1] Cost accounting has long been used to help managers understand the costs of running a business. Modern cost accounting originated during the industrial revolution, when the complexities of running a large scale business led to the development of… View Article

Competition Bikes Inc. Storyline

To: Vice President The following is a summary report to recommend whether Competition Bikes should change its traditional costing method to activity based costing, and an analysis of the breakeven point with regards to sales units and dollars for both CarbonLite and Titanium bikes. It also discusses the impacts to the breakeven point. The cost-volume-profit… View Article

Craddock Cup

Background: The Craddock Cup is a regional soccer tournament held by the Craddock Youth Soccer League (CYSL) and managed by Joe Rivaldo every year. The cup brings in around 32 premier high school soccer teams (both boys and girls teams) from throughout the region to compete. Each year the cup is considered a great success… View Article