Contract Essay Topics

The following information outlines Brilliant Decisions Association’s tender

Introduction Within this tender for contract, Brilliant Decisions Association has outlined its aims, objectives, and aspirations for providing the City of Leeds with a modern, flexible, and state of the art health facility. The facility which our consortium will be replacing, Leeds General Infirmary, has suffered from under investment for many years. The resulting consequences… View Article

Sport Law

Question 3. How would you define sport? Is there any room for the law to become involved in sport? Explain your answer. Give examples of your answer. ‘How would you define sport? ’ It is a simple question, and yet the answer can be quite complex. The majority of us can describe a sport, by… View Article

Third Party Beneficiary Contract

A third party beneficiary contract is expressly made between two parties to benefit a third person. Although the third person is neither a promisee, nor does he give consideration in the contract, he may have a right to enforce the contract or receive proceeds from it. The right to enforce the contract arises only when… View Article

Physician And Managed Care Contracts

A contract is a legal binding agreement between two parties that is aimed to execute a certain objective. It is a kind of arrangement wherein a certain action is pledged in exchange for a specific proposition or offer. In order for a contract to be valid, four essential elements must be present in a contract…. View Article

Psychological Contract in the Contemporary Organisation

Every human being is an unique individual. This is an undeniable fact, thus organisations have to explore the various antecedences of the psychological contracts between employees and the organisation. Employees have different perceptions and thinking over the concept of psychological contracts. Generation Y is slowly filling up the positions in contemporary organisations. Therefore, what are… View Article

Commercial Transactions (Contracts)

Abstract This week’s individual project will be in the form of an executive summary. The summary will be based on a series of questions concerning 1) the city of Bigtown’s advertising campaign (courtesy of the mayor), 2) possible similarities of this promotion to a court decision and 3) possible repercussions that could be encountered if… View Article

Contracts Business Law

Contracts are often viewed as unnecessary in the eyes of the public. Most people think that they live their lives doing what they want, when they want with little regard for contractual law. In reality, contracts bind the decisions that most people make on a regular basis. By writing this article I will demonstrate the… View Article

Contemporary Canadian Business Law

A minor named Alice entered into a contract with Silver Flatware Ltd. for purchasing silverware on a long-term credit contract. The goods was delivered but the payment was not yet been fully made by Alice. Before she attain the age of majority, Alice repudiated the contract and refused to return the silverware. The company demanded… View Article

Law Research

“An agreement without consideration is void”. Do you agree? Justify your response on the basis on what you have learnt about this rule and its exceptions. Use suitable illustrations to substantiate your answer. A legally binding contract needs consideration as it is an important element. So, a valid contract will not exist without consideration. By… View Article

Cases on Contract

The defendant made the highest bid for the plaintiff’s goods at an auction sale, but he withdrew his bid before the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer. It was held that the defendant was not bound to purchase the goods. His bid amounted to an offer which he was entitled to withdraw at any time before… View Article

Case Study Situation Go Fast

Situation Go Fast is a motorcycle manufacturer in the southern United States. Though sales have been steady, profits have declined because of increasing operational costs. The Board of Directors felt a fresh look at the operations side was needed. They developed a 5-year plan to increase operating efficiency and set out to find someone to… View Article

Electronic Contracts

There are several long-term impact of electronic contracting on the nation’s business and some of these are the following: First of all, since the E-sign Federal Law “legitimizes business conducted by electronic means”, this means that the nation will produce more businesses than usual (Zanger, 2000, n. p. ). This is because an electronic contract… View Article

Trident Submarine Case Study

In the fall of 1971, as President Nixon was attempting to convince The Soviet Union to include submarines and ballistic missiles in the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), the US Navy was planning on introducing a new class of submarines called the Trident. The Trident submarines were to succeed the Polaris submarines, which was developed… View Article

Exclusion Clauses

Over the past few decades, with the development of contract law, more and more people has paid attention to the exclusion clauses contained in a document which is signed by the parties. Many contracting parties use this technique to avoid liability for breach of contract. In this essay, exclusion clauses can be defined as a… View Article

Tourist Breaks Back on Sentosa Ride Law Analysis

Factual Summary of Case Australian tourist, Michael McCarthy, suffered a fall and broke his back while riding Sentosa’s MegaZip, which is a flying fox adventure ride run by Flying Dragon Adventures (FDA). The riders would initially slide down the zipline fast and would be slowed down by a braking mechanism as they approach the landing… View Article