Continuum Of Care Outline Essay

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Continuum Of Care Outline

I. Introduction

II. Stakeholders
A. The “description of the roles of various stakeholders in the health care industry who are involved in the continuum of care” (University of Phoenix, 2015).
1. Who the patients are.
2. Who the employees are.
3. Who the payers are.
4. Who the providers are.
B. “How the component contributes to or detracts from the overall management of health care resources” (University of Phoenix, 2015).
1. Is this a positive or negative affect?

III. Services provided and employees’ role(s).
A. “Discuss the services provided and how these services fit into the continuum of care” (University of Phoenix, 2015).
1. What services are provided?
2. How do these services fit into the continuum of care?
3. “The role of transitioning patients from one level of care to another in the health care continuum” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

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B. “Description of the health care delivery component’s role in providing services” (University of Phoenix, 2015).
1. Who provides these services?
2. How the services are delivered.

IV. Current and Future of Home Health Care
A. What are the current trends and how they are changing?
B. What the potential trends are.
1. How these potential trends will change delivery components and services in the future.
2. Accommodating for the future trends.

V. The Characteristics of Integrated Delivery System (IDS)
A. Health Care organizations.
B. Community health.

VI. Conclusion


University of Phoenix. (2015). Continuum of Care Presentation. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HCS/235-Health Care Delivery in the U.S. website.

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