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Context of practice education Essay

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Context of practice education

Sunita has been in mentor\’s area of clinical practice for few weeks; she gives the impression to have some difficulties in coordination, still lacks confidence, and appears to be poorly organized. The mentor is going to focus on the possible reason why Sunita is having difficulties in planning and linking evidence base and theory to clinical practice whilst underperforming. Sunita might be struggling with learning difficulties or feeling stress as she has other family commitment as a mature student. My role as mentor is to support my student and critically examines the reasons for underperformance. Mentor will look at how stress and learning difficulties would affect Sunita and how this affecting her ability in meeting the requirements for the episode of patient care in the clinical placement area.
It is also vital for the person to recognize areas that are being shunned and strive to discover other ways of overcoming the struggle. Once they qualify, student nurse will be expected to function independently in this case. Hence mentor must make sure that Sunita is being evaluated on all required proficiencies as well as not shunning areas they find challenging RCN (2010).

Morris and Turnbull, 2006 states that nurses with learning difficulties are normally very mindful of their potential challenges and strengths. So they are really cautious about verifying issues they are less assertive about sequentially to avoiding mistakes, mostly all individuals that engage in patient care, however educational standards should not be expected to be lower in order to accommodate disabled learners Corlett, (2004). All student nurses must meet all the requirements for learning competencies and skills, as well as those are have acknowledged a disability, as they are expected to give a demonstration they are fit for practice as highlighted by the royal college of nursing (RCN 2010).

Mentor will Student an evaluation form based on the theory by Honey and Mumford (2000). As there are numerous theories on learning styles. Honey and Mumford (2000) is model broken down into four Reflector, categories Activist, Pragmatist, and Theorist. The characteristics of a reflector are cautious observers. An activist is open minded, passionate and enjoys engaging themselves in new skills while using all the evidence available to them to make decisions. Pragmatist acts right away on notions and is eager to put new procedures into practice. Finally, Theorists think stuff through in a reasonable manner and value logically and objectivity.

The delegation was the skill that mentor and Sunita aimed at in this practice. Therefore it was appropriate to demonstrate this skill by giving Sunita the opportunities to shadow mentor and other colleagues at placement and prior to that Sunita will be encouraged read through some journals and guideline regarding delegation. Mentor and student will then discussed possible reasons why as a nurse you would be responsible for the day to day smooth running of your shift, despite each day has its own differences. According to Gopee 2010, there must also be loyalty to work linked to policies and protocols, and also to the professional codes of practice. As a reflective student mentor felt that I should enlighten Sunita how her knowledge and ability and knowledge of delegation would help her when employed as a qualified nurse in the futures as mentor tries to relate to practice. We then went through the process presenting with allocating clinical or non-clinical care or treatment to a competent person as nurses will remain responsible for the overall management of the service users, and accountable for their decision to delegate (NLIAH, 2010).

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