Consumer Essay Topics

Consumer Behavior

This section describes the roles of product appearance in the process of consumer evaluation and choice. For this aim, literature in the fields of product development, product design, consumer behavior, marketing, and human factors has been searched. The literature shows that the visual appearance of a product can influence consumer product evaluations and choice in… View Article

Driving Consumer Needs: Evaluating the Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman

Introduction Wal-mart has transformed the corporate and consumer culture in America and the rest of the world- by focusing on its corporate mission of Very Low Prices, Always, Wal-mart placed itself as a fixture in the everyday lives of millions of people. Fishman (2006) in his book The Wal-Mart Effect shows us exactly how Wal-Mart… View Article

Theory of Needs and Consumer Behavior

1ntroduction Motivation stimulates the behavior of all humans. The process of motivation starts an unsatisfied want and the created tension from it. In order to reduce the tension, the individual exerts all possible efforts. The motives or needs serve as the root of the different types of the motivation process. 1). Research and discuss the… View Article

Theory and Research in Contemporary Consumer Behaviour

Abstract Over the past century, each new generation has entered a new consumer world where the forms and avenues for consumption have multiplied exponentially. The twenty first century saw rapid and dramatic changes in the realms of private and public life that became subject to commodification and marketing. Although the culture of consumption has been… View Article

Consumer Behavior In The Fashion Industry

Introduction This study is aimed at analyzing the consumer behavior towards the fashion industry especially in consideration young and mature women in London. Fashions are concerned with the production of fashion clothing. Most consumers in the world today are concerned with the features of the product as they form most important factor in determining the… View Article

Handicrafts and Antiques

Consumer need satisfaction is the basic objective of every marketer. His product satisfies the physical need, the symbolic need and the social need of the consumer. Handicrafts and antiques that satisfy these needs are in high demand. Need refers to condition in a consumer that requires relief. It is something that is necessary but is… View Article

Throckmorten Furniture

Question # 1 Before the customer buys a product that is very important to him and is quite expensive he will go through a process. This process commences when the customer feel a sort of deprivation, a motive to buy that commodity. Once that motive becomes more intense it becomes a drive and forces him… View Article

Book Review: Trashing the Planet by Dixy Lee Ray

In Trashing the Planet, Dixy Lee Ray marshals the evidence of knowledge to perforate the fragile hot air balloons of the global warming, ozone reduction, and acid rain theorists. With scientific facts and sound philosophy she also demolished the nonsensical arguments behind the hysterical crusades against pesticides, alar, dioxin, PCBs, radon, asbestos, and nuclear power…. View Article

Targeting and Positioning Basics for a Services Firm

Targeted Consumers The targeted consumers identified in the case was the enterprise type, Type A. Type A enterprises “were pioneers of advanced technologies and aggressively adopted high-risk strategies to gain the high-potential rewards, and were frequently among the first companies to pilot innovative technology” (8). Recent studies show that there has been a 50% increase… View Article

What does the CPI in the base year equal?

CPI or the consumer price index is a measure of overtime change in prices of market basket of goods and services which are purchased by a typical household. The base year can be defined as the bench mark year which serves as the basis for comparison for prices in the other years. When calculating CPU… View Article

My View on Consumerism

The main point of “In Praise Of Consumerism” by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. was that consumerism is very broad and relates to a lot of different features in everyone’s everyday life. When Rockwell says “consumerism is just another word for freedom in the marketplace.” What Rockwell is saying is that any person in the world… View Article

Matt Moreau

Matt Moreau is a newly appointed manager of customer services department for Bantings department stores. The aim of setting up this department is to improve the quality of customer services and to develop organization-wide impact programs. Therefore it is important for the whole corporation. Matt has to find someone who has great skills and good… View Article

Business Research Process

Abstract The business research process is an important tool that can help the marketing in a business. By using the steps of this process managers are able to make decisions based on the study of the consumer and target audience. It is also important to identify the competitors in order to stay profitable and competitive…. View Article

A capitalist economy

A capitalist economy is fuelled by the needs and whims the consumer. Hence, understanding the customer’s buying behavior and needs is critical for a marketer to succeed in such an environment. Once a person’s basic survival needs such as food and shelter are satisfied, buying needs are influenced by the need for self-esteem. Consumers buy… View Article