Constable Essay Topics

Is the Criminal Justice System Bias

Abstract This paper will ask several questions and hopefully answer most of those questions. Questions like is the criminal justice system bias against the poor and is the criminal justice system bias against minorities. We then explore some of the possible solutions to the problems that could cause biases. We then look at a study… View Article

It’s Time for a Change

Social issues have lingered in the shadows of American history since the day that our independence was signed in 1776, a mere two hundred and thirty­nine years ago. At that time, social issues consisted of our founding father’s debate over which men were to be considered equal, and the social issue of slavery as a… View Article

Virtual Police Department Case Study

Introduction This paper will consist of an overview of the Virtual Police Department, the history of that department and where it is today. I will analyse the different issues within the department and set a constructive path for the department so that it may benefit fully from all the resources that it has available. The… View Article

Police Department Roles and Functions

There are many various functions of police agencies. Patron, traffic, juvenile services, intelligence and undercover, and special operations are just some of the various functions of police agencies. There are many differences between the functions of the police agencies and the federal, state, and the local levels. There are reasons of why you need to… View Article

Officer Recruitment and Selection Process

Firstly we need to introduce our self to the topic as the selection process of various levels of police such as local, state or federal officer and also included will be the various training programs through which the officers of each level goes before they are employed as officer is what will be getting discussed…. View Article

Effective Communication in a Criminal Justice Settings

In the criminal justice system, a police officer’s ability to communicate is one of the most important traits an officer can have. Police officers communicate with everyone from the public to peers, arrestees, victim and suspect families, and court personnel. A police officer must determine the most effective way to communicate, using several different methods,… View Article

Critical Issues In Policing

Abstract There is an abundance of issues when concerning policing. In this paper the following things will be discussed: the dangers of policing, less-than-lethal-weapons, technology used in policing, and police corruption and how it relates to this paper. Critical Issues in Policing Policing has grown in possibly the most positive and beneficial direction since the… View Article

Administrator Challenges

In modern society there are many challenges to police work. They can be very overwhelming but many grant satisfaction. It takes a special individual to be a police officer and perform the duties that are required by law for them to do. This paper will look at the satisfactions and challenges of police work on… View Article

Policing Culture Paper

Throughout history the role of women and racial and ethnic minorities has been restrained. This causes the inability to move up in ranking and limiting the ability to perform in certain jobs. Being a woman or having a different racial background can also cause stereotypes. For example, a Hispanic officer may be given a Hispanic… View Article

City Of Yorba Linda

1. Introduction Yorba Linda is a small city in Orange County, California. Nearest megacity, Los Angeles is located approximately 36.3 miles equivalent to 58 kilometers from Yorba Linda. The interesting history of Yorba Linda started in 1880s but then in 1910-1920, early residents came with the intent of operating small farms. Yorba Linda began as… View Article

Terrorism and Law Enforcement

Abstract We live in a new world; it is a world where there is the ever growing threat of terrorism. As a result law enforcement has had to change the way it does things in order to respond to the terrorist threat. How has law enforcement evolved in order to respond to the ever changing… View Article

Police Abuse

Police brutality is the excessive, unreasonable use of force against citizens, suspects, and offenders. A study showed that most citizens complained against police officers because of the use of profanity and abusive language towards them, the use of commands to move on or get home, stopping and questioning people on the street or searching them… View Article

Four hours with the CSPD

I want to express my gratitude and share my ride-a-long experience. The first thing I had to do was contact the Colorado Springs Stetson Hills Area Command to schedule my ride-along. I read the department’s ride-along program policy and I received instructions on what I had to do to fulfill the necessary program requirements. Once… View Article

Ethics Dilemma Paper

ETHICS DILEMMA PAPER One of the most difficult things in the criminal justice field is related to ethics in the criminal justice profession. Whether it being a corrections officer, police officer, or a judge. The main goal is to ensure you as a professional are making the right decision for the greater good and that… View Article

Public Perception of Police

Being a police officer is one of the hardest jobs around. They are trained and hired to “protect and serve” their communities and they are constantly in the public eye. Everything that they do is criticized by the people who are watching them. Like in every other profession, there are some who should really not… View Article