Conservatism Essay Topics

Sir Robert Peel

The Tory Party had many factors that were contributing to their failures before 1834, and it is important to look at whether the fact that Peel took control of the Party and began to shape it into the Conservative Party is the reason for recovery, or whether other reasons were more important, and Peel did… View Article

The New American Right

In Suburban Warriors: The Origins of the New American Right, Lisa McGirr attributes the dominance of political conservatism in certain regions to a number of developing social forces that the book addresses. Contrary to the conventional focus placed on economic, regional, or racial explanations for political attitudes, McGirr presents evidence that the population shift from… View Article

Reaction, Revolution and Romanticism 1815-1850

The Conservative Order (1815-1830) I. The immediate response to the defeat of Napoleon was the desire to contain revolution and the revolutionary forces by restoring much of the old order. The Peace Settlement I. In March 1814,b/f Napoleon had been defeated, his 4 major enemies—Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia—had agreed to remain united, not… View Article

Remember Reagan

The 1980 US presidential campaign pitted Republican Ronald Reagan against Democrat Jimmy Carter. Why do you think Reagan beat Carter? Reagan inherited an economy that was in bad shape. The prime lending rate was like 15%, credit cards were 15-25%, there was gas rationing and soaring inflation that was 20%. He had an economic plan… View Article

Tradition and Continuity

Why, and to what extent, have conservatives been committed to tradition and continuity? Conservatism was a reaction to all other ideologies. It believed in conserving the best of the past and governing society with reform, not revolution. In the French revolution there was a lot of uncertainty because people did not know what to do… View Article

Political party

I. What is a political party? II. Functions of Political Parties in the U. S. III. The Three Faces of a Party IV. Why do we have Two Party system? V. Major and Minor Party Ideologies VI. The role of Minor Parties in the U. S Political Party VII. Differences between Interest Groups and Political… View Article

William Henry Pope

William Henry Pope was born in Bedeque, P.E.I on May 29,1825. The elder son of James Pope and Lucy Colledge. He was educated on P.E.I and later in England, he was studing Law. He was called to the bar in 1847, In addition to practicing Law, he acted as a land agent. Through the 1850’s… View Article

Social Policy

Demonstrate an understanding of the historical and ideological developments of UK social policy, identifying the underpinning principles and values. Social policy is defined as actions aimed at promoting social well being (Alcock). It is not just about state legislation but also about what the government does to support and interfere with the well being of… View Article

Conservative Party From 1951 To 1964

1) Labour failed to modernise its policies to a move affluent Britain and the party was constantly divided 2) The parliamentary party was split between the Left and Right: left-wing Bevan’s wanted an expansion of the public sector & hostile to Gaitskell, who did not 3) Gaitskell became leader after Wilson and agreed on a… View Article

Self Confidence Essay

What is self- confidence? The dictionary defines self- confidence as freedom of doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities. My definition of self- confidence is believing in yourself. Many people lack the self-confidence and self-esteem needed to live a happy and healthy life. Self-confidence is satisfaction in oneself. This must be present in people’s daily… View Article

Liberalism and Conservatism in America

In the political arena today, there are two crucial concepts governing the political philosophy, policy framework and legislations. Politics is categorized into conservative and liberal perspectives with liberalism supporting more government involvement in the development of policy framework that encourages affirmative actions which aims at uplifting the disadvantaged and the minority groups in the society…. View Article

Traditional Marriage

Question:”Traditional marriage is an outdated concept”To what extent is this true in your society. Marriage is defined as a man and woman being together by legal ties. Although the world are becoming modern nowadays. The concept of traditional marriage is still being practiced. The beauty of marrying opposite gender ,the construction of family tree and… View Article

Napoleon Was A Child Of The Enlightenment

Assess the validity of this statement by using specific policies and attitudes of Napoleon. I think saying “Napoleon was a child of the Enlightenment” is not correct thing. It is true that he strengthened the France world power, but he was an absolute dictator that did tyranny and abolished the right that was newly gained…. View Article

Classical Liberalism

Liberalism could be defined as the opposite of the unlimited power that a king would enjoyed for example in the17th century. The kings used to have absolute power by which they decided the fate of all their peasants, no matter they agree or not. In this unlimited power, the opinion of an individual person an… View Article

Delaney Mossbacher Characterization

Delaney Mossbacher resides in the hills of Topanga Canyon, away from the rest of Los Angeles and its ethnic problems; he tells himself it is to feel at peace with nature. He disagrees with the idea of living in the seclusion of the white American neighborhood of Arroyo Blanco to escape ethnic disputes the city… View Article