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Conflicts Essay Examples

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Peace – from what source.?

On 28 June 1914 a hand grenade was rolled beneath a car travelling in a motorcade in the city of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia. The grenade missed its intended target and exploded beneath the following car, injuring several people. The first car continued on its way and the occupants attended a welcome ceremony at the Sarajevo…

Without conflcit there cannot be change

Conflict is very much existent in society and alway has been. There are many types of conflict that can be small and trivial, and some that are extreme and lead to injury or death. Conflict usually can involve ones inner-self, two or more people, different social classes or cultures or two groups of people. In…

Conflicts Stimulate Maturity

Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima is the first in a trilogy relating the trials and tribulations encountered as an adolescent in New Mexico. Many consider it to be “classic” Chicano fiction in that it portrays New Mexican traditions and lifestyles the average reader had most likely never encountered while transcending a mere portrait of the…



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Legalization of doctor assisted-suicide

In the recent year physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia has been the interest of many scholars in sociology, ethical philosophy and criminology. In this regard, euthanasia from etymological meaning from Greek means “good death” However, Sutherland, (2005) refers to euthanasia as the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. The mode of ending life…

Honduras: On the Brink of Conflicts

May to June is one of the best times for tourism in Honduras especially during the week long carnival at Laceiba towards the end of May. The level of celebration and festivity may give Honduras an aura of peace and tranquility but this is not always so. Honduras is one country which is always on…

Cross cultural values and conflicts

The modern society is made up of different cultures which are constantly interacting with each other. This interaction helps in the enrichment of the society. However, it is also the cause of intercultural tensions that have been witnessed in many countries such as the United States. Intercultural conflicts may take different forms. This might lead…

Ideological Conflict

To a large extent, ideology is like a religion: it symbolizes and intensifies conflicts between groups and states more than it causes them. Ideologies have a somewhat weaker hold on core values and absolute truth than religions do, so they pose a somewhat fewer problems for the international system. For realist, ideological differences among states…

Media, ethnic and Ethno-national Conflicts

Lewis (2001) points out that the basis for ethnic and ethno-national sentiments are not just a matter of traditional hatreds, but there should also be effort to understand what cultivates these sentiments. Media portrayal has become one of the social communications. Thus, Hossein-Zadeh (2005) considers it a major vehicle of the opinions regarding the issue….

Value Conflicts

Looking at the article “Charge it to our children” written by Thomas L. Friedman, the obvious value conflict is monetary. Which is valued more, saving money in taxes, or pay for a war? However that question gives rise to another, more detrimental conflict… should we even be fighting the war in Iraq? Many supporters of…

Communication and conflict

Communication is important, as it is the medium of conveying message, forming the first interface in method of conflict resolution. Communication is almost always within the context of culture, and culture determines the significance of words as well as gestures and non-verbal expressions, affording people with choices of high context or low context communication, depending…

Explain and discuss in detail the importance of relationships or conflicts

Explain and discuss in detail the importance of relationships or conflicts in each of your studied texts? “Moving Pictures’, by Ro Cambridge, and ‘my father running with a dead boy’, by Carl Nixon, are short stories with a central theme of parent/child relationships. In these texts the narrators is the adult son or daughter whose…

Tensions and Conflicts

Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra is a tale of conflict, love and responsibilities. In a world where Egyptian values contrast sharply with those of Rome, personal passions and tensions are set against a backdrop of political and military issues, creating irony and tension. Antony’s decadent exploits in the east and his infatuation with Cleopatra, combined with…

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