Conference Essay Topics

Science Reporters Conference in Washington

Previously in the UK, the use of the polygraph was dismissed by the British Government. Instead police officers use trained methods of detection and interrogation to find guilty people. However, recently the government approved compulsorily polygraph testing of paedophiles and sex offenders in pilot studies in 10 areas of the UK. This pilot polygraph study… View Article

Hertfordshire Conferences

Hertfordshire Conferences intends to embark on a project of providing quality service to persons or organisations in need of a conference site. In entering the market at this stage, its managers realise that much needs to be done in the way of creating an image of personableness, efficiency and affordability that will be attractive to… View Article

The best advice ever given

In my second interview with Cassie I learned some very valuable things. Cassie told me the best advice she ever received was no matter what happens, keep going, things might seem bad, but it’s not over yet and hard work pays off given by a family friend. Cassie says her family friend, Nikki, gave her… View Article

Ball corporation

1. How do you think a small margin for error affects communication on a project? I think that it can affect the zero error margins. By not listening and paying close attention to the information, room for error can occur. Also after knowing that there zero room for error the people working on the project… View Article

Salamanders: A Night at the Phi Delta House

In 1982, George Hornbein and Ken Thigpen produced a nauseating and repulsive documentary. It is based on an annual tradition that a college fraternity upholds, consistently, every year at Penn State University. This tradition is that of eating salamanders. Yes, salamanders. Live amphibians dunked in beer and swallowed whole. This tradition has evolved over time… View Article