Conan Doyle Essay Topics

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Thomas Hardy’s The Three Strangers, in contrast to many similar mystery stories by writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson uses a rural setting. This emphasises the isolation of a house “five miles from a county-town” and the “loneliness” associated with the house, a good setting for suspense, enabling a heightened sense… View Article

The Speckled band

The horrific details that Conan Doyle puts across in his stories are not dampened in any way and this makes the story seem more believable. He goes to great lengths to describe everything so that a full picture can be constructed without leaving anything to the imagination. This ensures that the reader sees the story… View Article

Conan Doyle

The final villain we are introduced to is Irene Adler. She is introduced during ‘The Scandal in Bohemia’ and is a very unusual villain compared to the others. Conan Doyle presents her differently mainly because she is a woman. However Doyle was writing a head of his time as during his era women were looked… View Article

The Speckled Band

Physically, he is described as having a huge stature and “a face marked with every kind of evil passion. ” He is a typical villain and a bully, who, as in all classic murder mysteries, comes to the nasty end, which he undoubtedly deserves. There are many other ways in which The Speckled Band is… View Article

Holmes in the room

‘ His ability to withdraw within himself and to detach himself is reinforced with his preference for German music; ‘it is introspective and I want to introspect. ‘ This behaviour is shown yet again in Silver Blaze in his movement from ‘day-dreaming’ and ‘absorbed in his own thoughts’ to ‘suppressed excitement’. This essence of his… View Article

Sherlock Holmes Essay

Arthur Conan Doyle has written a number of short stories about a fictional character called Sherlock Holmes and his trusted work mate Dr. Watson. Together they solve mysteries using the art of the reasoner and imaginative thinking. I have recently been studying the adventure of the speckled band among other short stories. Holmes is portrayed… View Article

Sherlock Holmes Essay

Another of the false trails is the fact that Dr. Roylott keeps exotic animals on their estate, a cheetah and a baboon, “and he has at this moment a cheetah and a baboon, which wander freely over his grounds,” which lead the reader to believe that one of these animals was responsible for Helen’s sisters… View Article

Sherlock Holmes

Introduction “The Hound of the Baskervilles” and its hero Sherlock Holmes remain very popular over a hundred years. An investigation has been produced to show why this is so. Section 1 The Hound of the Baskervilles begins with Sherlock Holmes showing off his detective skills. He lets Dr. Watson construct who Dr. Mortimer is. Watson… View Article

The Speckled Band

In this essay I will be comparing the ways that Conan Doyle in his presentation of Sherlock Holmes conveys aspects of Victorian society, such as detective fiction, Victorian morality, the publication of Darwin’s book The Origin of the Species and also the popularity of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I will be comparing the stories; The… View Article

Sherlock Holmes

The use of clues and red herrings this way creates a sense of atmosphere and suspense which appeals to the modern day reader because it is what most modern day stories include and as this was written in the Victorian era it is still giving the reader the sense of uneasiness; for example, In The… View Article

Them typical of the detective Genre

This is typical in detective fiction because the detective has already solved the case, but doesn’t reveal it until he has all the evidence to back up his theories. For example in ‘The Beryl Coronet’ when Watson is narrating, we can clearly see that even Watson doesn’t know what his companion’s conclusions are about the… View Article

Prose coursework: Sherlock Holmes

Study both stories and find and copy out evidence, to do with the following: 1. Sherlock Holmes Character and personality. 2. His appearance. 3. Dr Watson’s character and personality. 4. His Appearance. 5. Evidence of a relationship between the two characters. 6. Look for any evidence that the story is set in the 1800’s. 7…. View Article

The Creeping Man

‘Lamb to the Slaughter and ‘The Creeping Man’ are two different examples of stories of the detective genre. However one story follows the typical detective genre and the other subverts the traditional detective story. ‘The Creeping Man’ was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and is a typical detective story. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was… View Article

Watson as a Narrator for a Victorian and Modern Audience

  An example of his compassion is “I soothed and comforted her with such words as I could find”. Admiration is another one of Watson’s specialities as he is very appreciative of Holmes’ blatant brilliance. This is evident in most of the short stories, here are a couple of cases in point “You reasoned it… View Article

The Sherlock Holmes

“” The other story being “The Red Headed League” where Holmes and Watson were on the hunt for finding the mysterious Duncan Ross, who had formed the Red-Headed League, who disappeared a few weeks after Jabez Wilson had spent his days there writing encyclopaedias, in the end turning out that Ross was digging a tunnel… View Article