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Computer Essay Examples

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Green Computing Research

The Green Computing research project is well underway and we have to select a research tool that will help with quality control. The choices are Cause and effect diagrams, control charts, Run charts, scatter diagrams, histograms, Pareto charts and flow charts. I am a huge fan of statistical analysis however; it is not one of…

Haptic Technology – Feeling the Future

What is haptic technology? It’s the technology relating to or based on the sense of touch. We see it every day with our touch screen phones. It is needed to interact with your phone, computer, keyboard, mouse, car, gaming system and more! It can also be used in medicine, robotics, art, design, electronics, toys, and…

Narrative Argument About Education

Reading the web is not the same as reading in the book or magazine or even newspaper. The information that you read from the internet may not stick with you as long as it would if you were to read a book, newspaper, magazine, or journal. This can’t be a hundred percent accurate for everyone,…



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Personal Statement

What you want to study at university and why * Specific aspects of the courses that interest you * Examples of coursework you have completed * Practical work you have enjoyed * Books, articles, etc. you have read related to the subject area * Work experience or voluntary work in this area * Conferences you…

Computer Security Measures

The Problem and Its Scope The Internet and computer networking means that there is a need for new security measures to reduce the threats and challenges inherent from these new technologies and software applications and network devices. Information, network equipments, transmission media, computer systems, and servers are subject to threats. “Yet the use of information…

Intel vs AMD Processors

In an age where technology is constantly evolving and the demand for performance is increasing, the central processing unit (CPU), also known as the processor, is a main concern for many computer buyers. There are many considerations that take place when choosing a processor such as whether the computer will be used for storage or…

Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bunch of robots do everything for you? Cook, clean, run errands, maybe even take care of the children and animals. That sounds like a pretty easy life. What would you do though if they all turned on you; suddenly your easy life was…

Grassroots Computing

The article “Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of Grassroots” defines that the IT world in the 21st century corporate world is evolving. No longer are there programmers and users. Many times the users become ad hoc programmers. In some corporate structures the lines between the two worlds are disappearing. The plus…

Computerized Enrollment System

Today, the progress of institutions is largely determined by the ability to make use of computer technology. Computerization is a conclusive evidence of the advancement in science and technology which task is to maximize its purpose, primarily in education. The converting of manual to automated system is one best alternative to carry out manually workloads…

Information Technology

Information technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information. The Internet is the latest of a long series of information technologies, which includes printing, mail, radio, television and the telephone. It is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate…

8 Common Types of Computer Viruses

Dictionary.com defines a computer virus as “a segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program, often to damage or shut down a system or network (“Virus,” 2012).” The term virus has become more generic over the years and has come to represent any type of malware, or malicious software. There are many types…

Software Development

The program template represents a complete working Java program, with one or more key lines of code replaced with comments. Read the problem description and examine the sample output; then study the template code. Using the problem-solving tips as a guide, replace the /* */ comments with Java code. Compile and execute the program. Compare…

Introduction to Routing and Switching

1. Introduction – Computer Network A computer network is a setup which comprises of multiple computers and devices to create connection in order to support the communication of all such devices. This facilitates sharing of information and resources to all the users present in the network. The following are the main purposes that the network…

Intrusion and Prevention

1.0Abstract The wide spread proliferation of Internet Technology has led to the incorporation of Computer in each and every field of life. From education to Business, Information Technology has now become an indispensable element in our life. Computers have reached homes, offices, schools and even churches . The wide spread use of computers is accompanied…

IPSec Tunnel and transport Modes

Computer networking security is one of the primary concerns of any network systems. In this case, protecting the data transferred between channels should be a primary concern for any entities that use networking. This article will discuss IPSec Tunnel and Transport Modes. IPsec is short for Internet Protocol Security. This is a special suite to…

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