Competence Essay Topics

Competition vs. Competence

I wonder about how many competitive people in the world are actually competent at what they are competitive for. This is a good question, “Is it more important to be highly competitive or highly competent in order to be successful?” If you are a competitive person, I’d think that you strive for something without giving… View Article

Acquired Level of Competency of Nurses

Background: Known to be the most effective method to develop professional nurses is through a strong preceptorship program. This research study was aimed to determine the effectiveness of the Preceptorship Program being implemented by Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital. Method: Questionnaires measuring their competency comprising the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude were used to obtain responses from… View Article

My Personal Competencies

Personal competencies provide information on people’s abilities and how to improve their skills. I think is very important for people to know what their personal competencies are because it helps people understand their strengths and weakness as well as lets them know where they need to focus their efforts to improve their competencies. Some good… View Article

Cultural Competence with Gay and Lesbian

Being gay or lesbian has several implications notable of which are the manifestations of discrimination. Such effect is aggravated by a condition wherein the homosexuals are part of a diversified culture. This paper aims to make a presentation on “Cultural Competence with Gays and Lesbians” as discussed in the textbook written by Doman Lum. In… View Article

Assessment Template

A trainer of this Competency Unit must: • have demonstrated competency under this Competency Unit • have at least 2 years related experience in the Manufacturing Industry • be certified competent in preparation, delivery and evaluation of training sessions or relevant National Trainer Competency Standards certification (ACTA) Assessor Requirements An assessor of this Competency Unit… View Article

Engage In Personal Development

Understand what is required for competence in own work role 1. Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role To assist service user or individual in the care home with everyday tasks such as washing, toileting, dressing, eating, drinking. To assist with mobility and disability. To help in the promotion of mental and physical… View Article

Nonverbal, Interpersonal, and Textual Communication Worksheet

Nonverbal communication plays an essential role in any conversation. Individuals who are aware of nonverbal actions during conversations can more effectively interpret what is being communicated. Part 1 Look at the interactions between the individuals in the following photos and interpret what you think is being expressed through nonverbal communication. Please describe the nonverbal cues… View Article

Cultural Competence

The claim that every person is a product of his own cultural background which includes, among other things, his life experiences as well as family, religion, ethnicity and age (Kim, 2001, p. 207) reflects the idea that cultural competence inevitably requires an understanding of other people’s cultural background other than one’s own. While it is… View Article

The cultural-competence model

The cultural-competence model was described by Campinha-Bacote’s in the year 1998. This model becomes more and more applicable in a culturally diverse society. As more and more people are migrating, the need for becoming cultural competent is arising (Lopes, 2001). Campinha-Bacote defined cultural-competence as a course wherein the healthcare personnel makes a continuous attempt to… View Article

Cultural Competence

Cultural and linguistic competence in nursing can be defined as a set of related behaviors and attitudes that integrate together within a healthcare system or institution and among the professionals that work within the system or institution with the purpose of enabling effective and efficient delivery of health services in cross-cultural scenario (Jeffreys, 2006). Below… View Article

How Globalization Can Affect International Business

In today’s ever globalizing economy, global managers must utilize specific skills in order to navigate and overcome the cross-cultural situations which affect international business practices. Dependant upon the situation, both native and expatriate managers can be qualified to handle these cross-cultural challenges. There are a plethora of cultural differences that can have an affect on… View Article

What makes a good doctor

What defines a good doctor? On the basis of sources such as the British Medical Council and interviews with patients it is possible to divide the qualities needed to be a good doctor in to two categories. The first of these categories involves qualities associated with creating a good doctor-patient relationship. The attributes required for… View Article

“The Hidden Dimension” by Edward T. Hall

Introduction The book, “The Hidden Dimension”, written by Edward T. Hall was published in 1969. The book mainly aims the cultural perception of space by Hall’s proxemics Theory, which also called “anthropology of space” (Hissey, 2004, p.44). Edward T. Hall who is an anthropologist, provides the idea that individuals communicate differently according to the different… View Article

Intercultural Differences

Recognizing cultural differences when you write or speak with someone from another culture, you encode your message using the assumptions of your own culture. Members of your audience decode the message relating to the assumptions of their culture. So your meaning may be misunderstood. The greater the difference between cultures, the greater the chance for… View Article

Leadership Development SMART Goal Setting

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a SMART-formatted goal on a selected professional leadership topic applicable to your current practice setting or future leadership development goals. This goal is about your leadership development needs, not those of the organization. The Institute of Medicine’s quality initiative has identified five core healthcare profession competencies that… View Article