Comparison of the discrimination Essay

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Comparison of the discrimination

To conclude this comparison of these two groups, the Dalits in India and the Indigenous Australians, I believe their situations can be linked and related to. The Dalits in India are regarded as the lowest of the low and are treated like “rats”. They are not given proper education and healthcare and not allowed to mix with non-Dalits. The IA on the other hand had there numbers decline mostly due to the European diseases brought to the country and also due to cultural genocide (the process of taking the aboriginal children and breeding them with non IA’s, thus “killing” off the IA population).

These two groups are closely related however in the case of the IA’s they were the first natural inhabitants of Australia. This is the opposite to the Dalits, they were originally from India however the caste system in India has forced them into poverty. What has forced IA into poverty is the massive presence of the white population and has made the IA into a minority.

However there have been recent apologies by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia to the indigenous Australians, which I would say is respectful. However there has been no sympathy towards the Dalits from the upper classes, they want the Dalits to stay in this low status for as long as possible. To conclude I believe the Dalits suffer more than the IA’s, not just because of the way they are treated but the sheer number of them as a whole.


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Research using class notes on IA’s and Dalits.

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