Comparison Essay Topics

Brighton Rock and Sherlock Holmes: A Comparison

In this assignment I will be looking at the differences in writing style between Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock and Arthur Conan-Doyle’s The Man With The Twisted Lip. The style of writing is the main difference that I see between the stories of Greene and Conan Doyle, and not in the plot; partly this is due… View Article

A Comparison of how Fear and Tension

Both authors use fear and tension in their stories. “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” was written in the nineteenth century and is set in Victorian England, whereas Talking in Whispers is set in Chile, and was written towards the end of the twentieth century, but both contain similar elements of fear and tension. The… View Article

Newspaper Comparison

Both the newspapers have the headlines in large bold letters. The story is big news and as many people would be talking about it, they want to catch people’s attention so they will buy the newspaper. The Daily Star briefly explains the story – “NINE TOP SOCCER STARS IN ‘GANG RAPE’” which is quite specific… View Article

Write A Detailed Comparison

The class has been studying different types of newspapers-Tabloids and Broadsheets. The tabloid ”The Sun” and the broadsheet is ”The Times”. Stereotypically a tabloid is more informal, more pictures, humorous and has obvious bias. Its target audience is less educated and more gossip. A broadsheet newspaper on the other hand is targeted at more sophisticated… View Article

Esther and Book of Job Comparison

In one of the assigned readings, I came across story of a Jewish woman named Esther who had suffered from cancer. The uniqueness of her journey touched me incredibly when I learned about her own personal struggle with the disease. It is an amazing but sad story in the sense that Esther copes with her… View Article

A Comparison of Hofstede and Bond Framework

Geert Hofstede and Michael Bond’s framework states that cultures vary according to 5 dimensions. A Chinese can easily accept his life’s circumstance more than an American. Not questioning why one is poor and distancing one from things he knows is impossible to acquire. It also illustrates the different roles of men and women in some… View Article

Three Kings Comparison

Art in the ancient times was very important in history and that it was also used to signify some important occasions like during offerings, for example in the Chinese traditions; it was also used for decoration and making of monument for remembrance especially in the roman empire and Egypt. Making of portraits of political and… View Article

Comparison in the Issue Between USA and South Africa

This paper seeks to make a comparison on freedom of expression between the United States and South Africa. The question to be answered in contained the definition of the problem. II. Definition of the Problem (or Issue/Topic) Is the freedom of expression now in the Republic of South Africa now comparable with that of the… View Article

Comparison/Contrast of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an American novel because it is classic and has entertained people for generations with its thought provoking issues and tragic pivotal characters. Two of the most intriguing ones are the men who have loved Daisy. Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are different when it comes to society’s… View Article

Health Care Finance

Complete the following table by writing responses to the questions. Cite the sources in the text and list them at the bottom of the table. What criterion must be met for true comparability? Consistency, verification and unit measurement must all be met in order for true criteria. (Chp.14, pg.151) What elements of consistency should be… View Article

Men and Women (Comparison and Contrast)

Many people argue that men and women are very different. This assertion most probably stemmed from the fact that men and women were traditionally expected to carry out distinct roles. Men were supposed to be the protector and provider of the family. Women, on the other hand, should serve as the nurturer and caretaker of… View Article

Comparison of the Early Civilizations

Paleolithic and Neolithic communities differed from each other in many ways, including their use of tools, their hunting of animals and gathering of food. First of all, the Paleolithic people were the most rudimentary in their use of tools. They did not manipulate them in any way. A rock was just used as it was… View Article

‘Cupid and Psyche’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Comparison

Jean Cocteau, a French poet and filmmaker, is said to be influenced by Cupid and Psyche when he does the film Beauty and the Beast in 1946. Cocteau is surrealist who loves to produce incongruous imagery by means of unnatural combinations in his films. Adding to that, he is fond of myth and fairy tales…. View Article

Comparison of Reports

The ability to read and write reports is an essential skill in today’s world. Therefore we need to acquaint ourselves with the three main types of reports – Informational, Analytical, and Proposals. Informational reports mainly provide facts and figures while analytical reports go one step further and provide an analysis of the facts presented. Proposals… View Article