Comparing Essay Topics

Comparing ‘The Crucible’ with ‘Macbeth’

My practical work in November 2002 was for option 2. it was a piece of scripted performance and was based on the theme of witches and the supernatural. My contribution to the performance was a character called Marry Warren. I had to help a character called John Proctor; this is because Marry Warren is trying to… View Article

Comparing and contrasting Silver Blaze and Finger Man

When one thinks of detective fiction stories images of crime, murder, hero detective and villains enter a person’s mind. These images have been constantly changing over years, but they are not very different from when detective stories first began in 1828. The birth of detective stories came about in 1828 with a novel called Memoires… View Article

Comparing Three Poems ‘Half-Caste’

Each of these three poems talk about certain problems faced by specific groups of people in today’s society. The poems have been written specifically to illustrate to people who have been brought up with derogative ideas about different types of people, that there are people who are different, but are neither superior nor inferior to… View Article

Comparing and Contrasting

Comparing and Contrasting ‘The man with the twisted lip’ with ‘Front’ There are many similarities and differences in both ‘Front’ and ‘Twisted lip’, but the most apparent relation between the two stories is the keeping up appearances (or keeping down appearances in the case of ‘Twisted lip’) theme, meaning they are about someone or something trying… View Article

Minivans: Comparing notes

In today’s market of skyrocketing fuel prices, Americans must exercise the utmost in practicality and utility. In more affluent times, Americans would go out and purchase one car for the family and another for personal use. In lieu of the station wagon, the minivan would be the middle ground for the average American family to… View Article

List Comparing And Contrasting Benefits And Burdens Of Industrialization

Industrialization in the first place led to increased production, through the dynamic changes in modes of production whereby it replaced the human labor with machines. This enlarged the societies from agricultural to industrial based societies. However though beneficial these industries over time have impacted negatively on the environment as they lead to environmental pollution e…. View Article