Company Essay Topics

Construction resources

Construction resources make use of physics in many of their products. Two that I have picked are solar collectors and their use of insutation. Insulators have the purpose of preventing conduction, convection and radiation to unwanted areas. There are a wide range of techniques and materials used in doing this and I am going to… View Article

Gave willingly to the company

In my own personal experience I found that in Ikea there were many divorcees and single people. There were also an unusually high number of couples that had met through Ikea and then worked together in the same building. Some of the divorcees openly blamed their relationship break-up on the fact that they work for… View Article

Hit and Run Sports and Lesiure Company

* The company provides wide range of sports and leisure facilities to members and non-members. The facilities include golf courses, football pitch, basketball court and swimming pool. Members have to book to use facilities and bill is charged to their account. * The leisure club’s shop provide to customers wide range of sports goods such… View Article Information Technology Investigation

Problem Identification 1.1 is a global Internet based music shop. As it is solely based on the Internet general maintenance costs and staff costs are considerably less than normal retail outlets. The company has been running for three years and recently shopping over the Internet has become more popular and therefore there have been… View Article

Share a presentation on a CD

Introduction: For this unit I have been asked to produce a specification for an ICT system that will meet the needs of the company. The company that I will be providing the ICT system is called Mags Estate Agents, the main goal for the company is to sell and rent homes for their clients and… View Article

Mr. Gascoigne’s company

I am going to create a macro that will allow Mr Gascoigne’s company, (Shoes ‘n all) to insert a different response into a template letter, so that the letter will contain the necessary information appropriate for the use. I am going to create 4 different Macros. They will input a short paragraph that will tell… View Article

Why eWave should change their ownership

In order for eWave to trounce their problems regarding their liabilities and other factors I believe that they should change their ownership to a private limited company. Currently eWave is a partnership which is a group of peoples usually 2-20 people maximum. Liable to all debts and debts are paid by all partners. This is… View Article

Analysis of graphs and data

After conducting some research I have found that 67% of heathers target market would buy their jewellery from a shop this is because people feel more comfortable with actually being able to see what they are buying instead of an image on a website which could have been manipulated to appear more attractive. One disadvantage… View Article

Financial circumstances

The company was a well growing established retailer industry in the market, how ever due to the scandal charges against Wickes. This caused a lot damage to company itself, it gave Wickes a bad status in the market and also they were black listed which meant that the company had a poor financial history so… View Article

Information Technology for Pims Pumps

Analysis section 1 – Background/to identification of problem Pims Pumps are an industrial pumping company which are involved in the distribution, installation and maintenance of industrial pumping units. The company has a large fleet of vans and many specialised tools and lots of equipment. Currently all of the equipment is logged in and out of… View Article

Engineering Hours Accounting System

Introduction Avitronics is a medium sized engineering company that produces components for the aerospace industry. Employees keep track of the hours they work on different projects and at the end of the week turn in a timecard with this information on it. The company can take up to roughly 12 contracts a year; each of… View Article

Modelling a Database for a Garment Manufacturing Company

This project will contain information on the processing involved in modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company. It will also document how to create letter and fax templates that make the work more efficient. The database will hold details about the suppliers, customers and stock etc. The garment style, size, how many ordered and… View Article

I.T. solution for Castle Couriers

Analysis 1.1 Statement of the problem 1.1.1 Introduction For this project I will be constructing an I.T. solution for Castle Couriers. Castle Couriers is a company, which provides a number of courier services, mainly for car showrooms. Their main service is the transportation of vehicle registrations to the V.R.O. (Vehicle Registration Office) and their return,… View Article

The Bookshop Company

1. Introduction 1.1 Background The company that I have chosen to do my project on is a small book distribution company called Bookshop. Bookshop is a small company based in South London and was set up in early 2002. They have a small workforce of 4 people. Each person therefore has a large and important… View Article

Organisation and Control of Computer Operations

The organisational structure of the company is quite straight forward and to the point and easy to understand. The company is split into two departments the computing department and Contracts team. Taira Zeb is the overall is the director of the company. Martin Gates is the Transport Manager of the daily operations team. He liaises… View Article