Community Essay Topics

The society and community

Once again, this reason leads the two characters to artificial creation and problems for society. The need for perfection shown by both Frankenstein and Swinton in the books is another reason that drives them to create artificial life. Frankenstein wants to rid the world of disease, and Swinton wishes to continue the illusion of a… View Article

Science in the community-Morrisons

A bit about Morrisions Morrisons is the UK’s fourth largest food retailer with over over 450 stores. The products sold are mainly groceries and food a unique point is that they source and process most of the fresh food that they sell though their own manufacturing facilities; in fact they have the most people preparing… View Article

Salem community

Our knowledge of the Salem community before the witch-hunt is important for the setting as we understand why people are being accused even though the reasons are no were near a valid enough reason to wish death upon a person. Martha Corey is an example as Walcott the person to accuse her wants vengeance for… View Article

The special community

Eddie’s fate comes from a combination of his particular personality and the special community in which he lives. How far do you think Eddie’s fate is his own fault? A View from the Bridge is a play that was written by Arthur Miller, an American playwright, who described its original American production as ‘cold ‘…. View Article

Local community

A stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in what a business does or an influence upon the business. Large organisations have many different stakeholder groups. Some internal to the business, like the employees, managers, owners and other staff members. Others are external as they are outside the business, for example the government or the… View Article

How technolgy effects my community

The town I am writing about is Mynydd Isa. This is a small town just outside of Mold in Flintshire. It has a population of about 6000 people. The town its self is centralised around a group of small shops. The town is very quaint and houses 3 schools. CCTV The first technology I have… View Article

Convenience and Future of ATM’s in my Community

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) have made our life easy and convenient in many ways. With more and more ATMs being installed from street corners to local retails, from outside the bank to shopping malls, they are hard to miss. Gone are they days when we need to stand in line inside banks waiting to be… View Article

Individual and the community

There tends to be quite a large use of extended metaphors within the play referring to the individual and the community frequently. Translations is said by many to be ‘an intelligent and enlightening metaphor for the situation in Northern Ireland’. This statement can be backed up and the reader can see many representations throughout the… View Article

Provinces of the Philippines and Kara David

Ang Huling Prinsesa” (The Last Princess) is a documentary from Kara David shown in I-Witness back in 2004. It is a challenging feat for anyone who wants to see and explore a mysterious tradition preserved for decades among some of the mountains isolated communities. I-Witness travels to the Tapaz Mountain, considered the farthest in Capiz,… View Article

Community and public school

As stakeholders who have interest in safety of the public, health and well being of citizens, community providers are able to affect success of reentry of incarcerated population when individual come back from jail or prison. Community is engaged in community nonprofits which includes faith-based providers in empowering and serving their populations. President Bush has… View Article

What should the role of the U.S. be in a global community?

The United States has become the world police for countries that cannot effectively solve their disputes by themselves. Even though this is the case, the problem is that the United States is not an international institution. As a nation, it also has its own interests and this might get in the way when it is… View Article

Role of Community Organizing

Introduction.             Community organizing is a common aspect in solving community problems today.  This can be explained as a process whereby through an organization the people living in the same environment and proximity get to act on their common and self-interest.  Community based participatory research can be viewed as a partnership approach that involves all… View Article

Sulphur Spring Community

As the world of reconditioning to humanity continues to develop, the status of the sulphur community should never be overlooked. This community is amongst the world’s highest poor communities. As per the 2007 population census, the community had a total population of around 37210 people. The native population density is approximated to been 4767 people… View Article