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Communication Essay Examples

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Interpersonal and written communication techniques

Lip-reading: One skill that I have not fully develop to make me more employable in the I.T industry is the lip reading technique. Lip reading is the movement of lips and tongue; body language and facial expressions add to this technique, as it helps you to lip read better. With this technique I learnt that…

P2: Discuss Theories of communication

A patient has entered the hospital and needs urgent attention. The doctors and nurses rush to him and soon realise he is deaf. This is a major problem as the communication cycle is broken, as they can’t understand what the deaf person is trying to say. A communication cycle involves a kind of a code…

Social Networking with Wal-Mart

The final assignment for this course is a Final Paper. The purpose of the Final Paper is for you to culminate the learning achieved in the course by completing a final research project on organizational communication processes. The Final Project represents 25% of the overall course grade. Focus of the Final Paper The final research…



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Equal Opportunity, written by Walter Mosely

In this short story, Equal Opportunity, written by Walter Mosely, Socrates Furtlow, an ex-convict, faces the dilemma of getting a job. Socrates served 27 years in prison after killing two of his friends while drunken. Furtlow was now living life as a bumb who went around selling old bottles and cans to make a living….

Shared Talking Styles

Communications – General Communications Use the ProQuest database to locate and read the article entitled, “Shared Talking Styles Herald New and Lasting Romance”. Then, visit the Language Style Matching website and, using sample written communication between you and another person, follow the directions on the website to retrieve your language style matching score. Write a…

The Best Way of Communication

Nowadays, much of the communication that takes place involves some sort of equipment, such as faxes, telephone calls, and e-mails. According to an investigation by The Associated Press (2010), communication equipment is becoming indispensable to people. In other words, people rely on it as never before. Is it proof that face-to-face communication is no longer…

Workplace Communication Comparison

Complete the following matrix. For each communication method, list its purpose in the workplace, whether it is a technical or expository form of written communication, and why you classified it as such. Written communication method Purpose in the workplace Technical or expository writing Why the classification was chosen Email Sharing of information with one person…

Magazines articles

I enjoyed multiple stories in this film. The first story that stood out for me the most was the mother who had cancer. This story was extremely sad for me because I could not picture my mother in that position. I believe they are communicating through filming because the mother wants to put her story…

Jack nelsons problem

There are some problems in bank’s home office and branches. These problems have some cause. From what I noticed from the case above, there are mainly three problems that caused the problem in the bank’s home office and branches. Firstly, the home office does not provide any training for employees. That’s why when Jack Nelson…

Teenager’s lack on face-to-face communication

Yes, I do think that teenagers lacking the ability to socialize face-to-face is a problem. Just the fact that experts, people who have intense experience through practice and education in this particular field, claim that because of our reliance on technology we have built problems with our face-to-face social skills is an indication that this…

Communication in the customer service role

Section 1 – Understand methods of communication with customers 1a) Use the table below to outline at least two different customer service situations and the different methods of communication that would be needed in these situations. Situation Methods of communication 1. IT department was doing a project over summer to upgrade some older PC’s in…

The various types of communication

Types of communication People communicate with each other in a number of ways that depend upon the message and its context in which it is being sent. Choice of communication channel and your style of communicating also affect communication. So, there is variety of types of communication. Types of communication based on the communication channels…

Outline for a mass communication written task

In 2008 an attack ad, titled ‘Vote Different’ appeared on YouTube, persuading voters to vote for Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton in the primary elections. Without a doubt this ad influenced the way many voters voted. By making use of allusion and by borrowing from other texts, it successfully made voters vote differently. As…

Graduate study plan

I currently poses an undergraduate degree in Health Care Administration, from Sacramento State University. My current career is within the Health Care field at Kaiser Permanente hospital Health Connect Department in Pleasanton, California. This is the regional department for, electronic medical records. I manage projects for system upgrades, and any technical issues that require a…

Communication Merit

In this written piece I will be assessing the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care with references to theories of communication. The theories are; Soler theory, Tuckman’s theory and the communication cycle. The Soler theory was created by a man called Gerard Egan. He believed that this theory shows…

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