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Common law Essay Examples

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HND Busniess

Assignment front sheet Qualification Unit number and title Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business Unit 5: Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business) Assessor name Student name Barrister A S M Sayem Uddin Khondoker Date issued Completion date 03 February 2014 ____/_____/ 2014 Assignment title Submitted on Contractual Aspects and Business Negligence: Application…

Negligance: New Haverford Partnership

Plaintiff 1 is Elizabeth Stroot, a 33 year old graduate student who has suffered from allergies and asthma since childhood. Stroot was a tenant at Haverford apartments. Plaintiff 2 is Joletta Watson, friend and roommate of Elizabeth Stroot and a tenant of Haverford apartments from 1990 to 1994. Defendant is New Haverford Partnership, the owner…

Sociological school

Introduction Sociological jurisprudence is a term coined by the American jurist Roscoe Pound (1870–1964) to describe his approach to the understanding of the law. Central to Pound’s conception was the very suggestive idea that in modern societies the law represents the principal means through which divergent interests are brought into some sort of alignment with…



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Intention to create legal relation

Just because there is an agreement between people, it does not signify that a contract exists. The creation of legal relations is a doctrine of the English contract law that is defined as an intention is to enter a legally binding agreement or contract. An agreement, which is defined as the meeting of minds with…

JpMorgan Case

We trust banks to hold our money and to help make use get more in investment and other ways. One of the most trusted banks is J.P. Morgan Chase they are easily one of the most well-known banks that exist. J.P. Morgan Chase on May 10, 2012 disclosed that they had lost more than $2…

Case Analysis Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd

Introduction The Classification between an independent contractor and employee has raised a number of issues throughout the past 50 years. Failing to create an effective formality to be applied by the courts to any particular case, it has lead to commercial uncertainty through Australia. This essay will analysis Stevens V Brodribb Sawmilling Co Pty Ltd…

Rule of Law

RULE OF LAW In course of Twentieth century, the emergences of democratic legislations and state welfare laws have lowered the effect of natural law and common law. These laws are bit liberal and sometimes puts limitations on the rule of Law in the name of nation’s Interest. This principle of ‘Rule of Law’ has been…

Judicial Precedent Casesnotes

6.4 Continuity and change in the doctrine of precedent Miliangos v George Frank [1976] AC 443 (Required) Key Facts The claimant (M), who was a Swiss national, supplied yarn (紗線) to an English company under a contract which provided for payment to be made in Swiss francs. The company failed to pay and M made…

Law of Negligence: 1st and 2nd essentials of Negligence

INTRODUCTION Negligence is a part of that branch of Civil Law known as Tort Law. Hence, negligence is a tort. Other torts include nuisance, trespass (to person or goods or land), deceit, passing off, defamation and so on. This lecture will examine the tort of negligence, and will focus on the first two ‘essentials’ needed…

Research, Writing & Civil Litigation Assignment 1

For the first assignment, try these short questions involving legal research: 1. Please enter the correct citation for the Supreme Court case of Lamb against California, which was decided on January 7, 1963 and is recorded on page 234 of volume 371 in the United States Reporter. Lamb V. California, 371 U. S. 234 (1963)….

Indian Contract Act

THE INDIAN CONTTRACT ACT, 1872 The Law of contract is that branch of Law, which determines the circumstances in which promises made by parties to contract shall be legally binding on them. Every one of us enters into a number of contracts from morning until night. Examples: 1) Buying Milk early in the morning. 2)…

Developement in Doctrine of Stare Decisis

INTRODUCTION: Stare decisis is a legal principle by which judges are obliged to respect the precedent established by prior decisions. The words originate from the phrasing of the principle in the Latin maxim Stare decisis et non quieta movere: “whatever has been decided must stand”. In a legal context, it means that courts should generally…

My First Day Essay

My First Day… As of today, August 30th, I, Blah blah blah, took the initiative to explore the entire campus. Today, the temperature could have possibly been right at about 93 degrees, and I decided to walk around this gigantic campus to waste time before my next class. During orientation week, I missed the campus…

Common law

A Tort is the French word for a “wrong.” A tort is a civil wrong. A civil wrong involves a breach of a duty owed to someone else, as opposed to criminal wrongdoing which involves a breach of a duty owed to society. Torts are civil wrongs other than breaches of contract and certain equitable…

Historical laws and Security

Historical Laws and Security Checkpoint CJS/250 April 24, 2013 Historical Laws and Security Checkpoint The Babylonian King Hammurabi established the code of Hammurabi. It was established by the king himself in 1750 B.C. and discovered intact in 1901. It contains 282 clauses variety of obligations, professions and rights, as well as retail, slavery, marriage, stealing,…

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