Committee Essay Topics

Citizens’ Committee

There is, then, little question that the Winnipeg strike grew spontaneously. At the first of May, after negotiations with their employers had broken down, the workers in the building and metal trades in Winnipeg came out on strike. The cause of the former was primarily that of a living wage, that of the latter the… View Article

Demographic disparities

The era of 1880 and 1910 is seen as university-building era. Various transformational changes were instituted by the American universities which served as platform for many generations to come. Nineteen measures as observed by Thelin were used as the pillar to achieve this success. Some problems which were unexpected were consequently experienced although they might… View Article

International Committee

Normative ethics as a philosophical discipline tries to determine the degree of right or wrong in an individual’s actions. The level of right or wrong depends on a broad set of rules or norms agreed upon by the larger society. Therefore various people or institutions are obligated to act in a certain way and a… View Article

Bubonic plague versus influenza

The bubonic plague, also called the Black Death, was considered the largest demographic disaster in the history of Europe. It arrived in Italy in late 1347 through its clockwise movement across the continent fizzling out in the Russian remote areas in 1353 (Routt). It had killed about eight million people (Routt). Before the bubonic plague,… View Article

Congress Study Guide

1.What is the paradox regarding Congress and public opinion? Congress is considered by many to be the system’s broken branch. It has probably been the object of more mass public distrust and more elite reform proposals than either the presidency or the federal judiciary combined. This is true although most incumbent members usually win re-election… View Article

The Effect Of Internal Control On The Operating Activities Of Small Restaurants

ABSTRACT Researchers have found that more than 67% of restaurants fail within the first 3 years of their operation. These findings underscore the restaurant industry’s current crisis of profitability and survivability. The industry’s average profit is generally small, ranging from 3% to 7%. Despite these problems, researchers have not examined the effect of internal control… View Article