Columbus Essay Topics

Global Encounter: 300 years after Columbus’ invasion

Three hundred years after Columbus’ invasion in the so-called New World or the West Indies, the first Columbus Day is being celebrated in United States and held on the 12th of October 1792 as part of the commemoration event. It was organized by the Columbian Order in New York also known as The Society of… View Article

They Came Before Columbus

Ivan Van Sertima was born in Guyana, South America. He graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies (London University) and the Rutgers Graduate School and holds degrees in African Studies and Anthropology. From 1957 – 1959 he served as a Press and broadcasting Officer in the Guyana Information Services. During several years in… View Article

Star-South Canton

North East black out is an important event in the history of North America, showing the vulnerability of North American technology, which compelled the leaders of the affected countries to find the causes and events associated with this key event. Investigation by experts revealed a few limitations of North American infrastructure. Based on reports submitted… View Article

Columbus and Champlain Comparison

In two of the selections that we read, we had extensive accounts of Europeans that kept detailed journals of their observations and experiences during their voyages to the New World. The accounts given by Christopher Columbus and Samuel de Champlain differ both in their perceived value of the lands they were exploring and their views… View Article

Technical Communication

The field of Criminal Justice has many different opportunities to develop good communications skills. There has not always been a direct communication between officers and the dispatch center; there is a long list of inventions, throughout history. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell, invented the telephone, in 1921 the Detroit Police department began experimenting with a… View Article