Colour Essay Topics

Pleasantville the use of colour

Discuss why the film makers decided to use both black and white and colour in “Pleasantville” Pleasantville was released in September 1998 but is set mostly in a 1950s sitcom after the main characters are sent into a televison because the two main characters, David and Jennifer broke their television remote; disabling their television. Gary Ross… View Article

The Colour Purple essay

1) What do you learn about Celie’s attitudes to life in these letters? 2) Write about Walker’s method of telling the story in letter 90. 3) Some readers see the ending of the novel as a triumph of the human spirit. Some see it as sickly and sentimental. What do you think about the novel’s ending? 1) By… View Article

The Theory Of Colour

Colour surrounds us and as such will impact, critically, on the way we feel. Certain colours and colour combinations or tone are mood enhancing making us feel happy, peaceful or energised, other colours will make us make us feel sad, angry, agitated or subdued. Business, fashion and the media make full use of their understanding… View Article

The Colour Purple

Drama Essay – Comparison of own improvisation with ” The Colour Purple” In this essay I am going to compare and analyse the differences and similarities between my improvisation and a film called “The Colour Purple”. My group’s play was based upon a certain part of a painting, painted by our drama teacher – Mr. Burgon…. View Article

The Colour Purple

“The Colour Purple” is an epistolary novel. In the first three letters, the reader is immediately thrust into the world of the protagonist and narrator of “The Colour Purple”, Celie. She is a poor, uneducated, fourteen-year-old black girl living in rural Georgia. Celie starts writing letters to God because her stepfather, Alphonso, beats and rapes… View Article