Color Essay Topics

Explore Walkers Portrayal of Female Identity – The Color Purple

“Teach only the boys. “1 (Page 146) In many cases this term would be considered sexist: However, when reading The Color Purple it becomes evident that the men as well as the boys are the ones who are in need of education. This education is not confined to the academic sense, but Walker rather emphasises… View Article

Alice Walkers depiction of men in The Color Purple

Alice Walkers depiction of men in The Color Purple has been controversial. Explore the opinions of the two critics printed below and explain your own view of the way Walker presents men in The Colour Purple. In The Color Purple, Alice Walker’s depiction of men has been seen by some as controversial. Walker seems to… View Article

Color and Vans

Vans and Converse are both brands of shoes. Vans and Converses have many similarities but they also both have many differences. Both brands come in many different colors and patterns. They also both come in many different styles. For example, they both come in slip-ons, lace-ups, and boots. Also both Converse and Vans make shoes… View Article

Primary Color

For my reader response, I will base it off of the book “The color of water” from pages 1-85. In the first three chapters you learn a fair amount about main charter. The details you learn in these chapters don’t tell you about the main charter James himself but his mother Ruth. Some details about… View Article

The Color Red

Do you have a favorite color? Do you have more than one? Do you know what colors represent you? (AG) Well, I have two favorite colors, and they represent me very well. (RT) Today I’m going to talk about two colors that represents me and why. (TH) My first color (TR) is Red. (MP 1)… View Article

Colors of Emergency

Consider the colours that are presently used for emergency vehicles. What do you think are the reasons that those colours are used? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Malaysia currently use red colour as the colour for emergency vehicles. Red colour is being chosen as the colour for the emergency vehicles strobe lights is because… View Article

Color Matters

In the marketing arena, color plays a significant role in a company’s advertisement and packaging. According to research, the right color is worth a thousand words as well as it can increase sales and a company’s profit (Morton, 2010). Most importantly, a company’s color is closely related to the type of judgment and decisions consumers… View Article

Effects of Color

Colors are a part of one’s everyday life and are introduced into one’s life starting at birth. For example, when a baby is born, the baby is showered with gifts and the color of the gifts is determined by his or her gender (e. g. , blue for boys and pink for girls). Children often… View Article

Significance of color in “The Color Purple”

In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, many emotions are evoked within the story. Many themes and character qualities are suggested through the use of symbolism. One of the most prominent symbols utilized within this story is the allegory of color. Walker uses different colors to illustrate various moods and the personality themes of certain characters…. View Article

Primary color

Light reveals a world of colors by painting everything it touches. Our plain and soulless furniture gains meaning. Our brown bookshelf, gray study table, green mug carpets, rugs, curtains the yellow wheat fields in the harvest picture, the blue china vase, our favorite brown sweater the striking green of a tree surrounded by concrete buildings,… View Article

History of Haircoloring

The first major break through in hair coloring history came in 1863, when chemist Dr. August Wilhelm Von Hofmann reported the dye properties of paraphenylenediamine. His discovery led to the birth of the synthetic hair dye industry, and PPD still Dominates the field today. Hofmann was also known for his studies of organic derivatives of… View Article

Color and Psychological Functioning: The Effect of Red

INTRODUCTION The research is conducted to study whether or not the color influence arousal. Color is everywhere. Everyone encounters different colors everyday. Our perceptual experiences are greatly affected by the different colors surrounding us. Past studies have reported that color do affect our physics, physiology and psychology but there is a scarcity of literature regarding… View Article

Candy Chromatography

Introduction Ever wondered why candies are different colors? Ever wondered why candies are different colors? Many candies contain colored dyes. Bags of M&Ms or Skittles contain candies of various colors. The labels tell us the names of the dyes used in the candies. But which dyes are used in which candies? We can answer this… View Article

Column and Thin Layer Chromatography

Abstract Spinach extract was separated into fractions containing compounds of similar polarity by column chromatography. Based on solid-liquid phase partitioning, this separation technique exploited the different polarity of the compounds in the spinach extract. Three fractions with different colors were obtained. The extract and its fractions were analyzed using thin layer chromatography (TLC). The TLC… View Article

Speech to Inform

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about fascinating world of color psychology and an inspirational journey of self discovery through an understanding of color meanings. CENTRAL IDEA: Knowledge of how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. INTRODUCTION:Do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the color blue make you… View Article