Collectivism Essay Topics

Fooled Into Collectivism

In most Collective Societies people are tricked into thinking that it will be better for them, than their old form of government. Most of them are fooled into believing that they will have a perfect life, and they will never have any more problems. In Anthem, a science fiction novel written by Ayn Rand, everyone… View Article

Collectivism, New Right

Collectivism focuses on the government’s responsibility of providing health and social care services to society which is funded by taxation and National Insurance. This approach is an example of a political response to meeting the needs of identified welfare. In all societies there are groups which are more vulnerable than others such as children, the… View Article

Communication in Individual and Collectivist Societies

How do people in “individualist” cultures behave differently to people in “collectivist” cultures? People in collectivist cultures: Each person is encouraged to be an active player or role in society, to function as a whole. The rights, as a whole, trump those of the individual. Rules promote unity, and selflessness. Working with others is considered… View Article

Global Communications Worksheet

Transcribe the following welcome message for the employees from each country: I wanted to welcome you ASAP to our little family here in the States. It’s high time we shook hands in person and not just across the sea. I’m pleased as punch about getting to know you all, and I for one will do… View Article

Sociology in my life

When I look back and try to analyze my personal sociological standpoint, I see myself as a functionalist with organic solidarity throughout of my personal background. However, I also support conflict theory related to my educational experience in United States. I grew up in a very diverse city and was raised in a traditional family:… View Article

Pursuit of Happiness

There are many aspects of life that the American culture and Asian culture have very different views and practices, the pursuit of happiness are among these. This difference can be summarized by two very specific “contrasting cultural models”, individualistic and collectivist cultures. The individualistic culture, very prominent in North Americans, revolves around an emphasis on… View Article

See what I mean?

There are many different aspects of culture. For instance; values, traditions, religion, art, food, and even types of clothing can all play a role in the different types of culture. These cultural behaviors and values are taught to us by our parents from the minute we are born. It’s only natural that deaf people would… View Article

International and Intercultural Communication

International and Intercultural Communications have been of great interest to the Hofstede Centre for many years. In fact Geert Hofstede’s dimensions of culture have been the most widely disseminated of all theories. Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions are, “1) Power Distance, 2) Individualism or Collectivism, 3) Masculinity-Femininity, 4) Uncertainty Avoidance, and 5) Short or Long Term… View Article

Extended Essay: How Does Culture Influence Social Conformity to Groups?

Introduction I still remember my first day of American Government class freshman year. The teacher asked us, “What are the three branches of government?” I wanted to raise my hand and say “Judicial, congressional, and executive.” But no one else raised their hands. I thought to myself, “No one else knows it, maybe I don’t… View Article