Collaboration Essay Topics

Collaboration in the Workplace: Undoing the Past

John and Jane Doe were educated at typical public schools in the United States, from kindergarten through college, and both have been hired as interviewers in the Personnel Department of Gidgets, Inc. Gidgets was having a problem because in the current economy there were more clerical and sales jobs than there were qualified people to… View Article

Program design-collaboration

This paper will discuss how a local university should collaborate with an art college to offer a joint art therapy program. This paper will focus on the importance of involvement of all campus units in the process of collaboration, starting with deans and ending with student affairs. The process of collaboration should involve several stages,… View Article

Making Collaboration Work in Inclusive High School Classrooms

The author uses a fictional case study chronicling a team in an inclusive high school setting. The team consists of the principal (administrator), the general education teacher, the special education teacher, the physical therapist, and the speech pathologist. Throughout the paper she creates a fictional case study that moves the group from contention through collaboration… View Article

Collaborative Practice in Health Care

Collaborative practice in health care occurs when a member of the health care team consults with another member to provide patient care. Collaboration most often occurs between doctors and nurses. “Collaboration is defined as a relationship of interdependence; the ability to work together involves trust and respect not only of each other but of the… View Article

Conflicts Are Important Worksheet

1. Pseudo conflicts: A pseudo conflict is where two people are arguing on the same thing only because of their own misunderstandings and misperceptions of what the other person is saying they are arguing on the same side without realizing. In truth they are arguing for the same side they just can’t realize it because… View Article

Technological Advancements in Communication

Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions based on “Superhero in the Cubicle” in the Electronic Reserve Readings: Q: What technological advancements in communication were discussed in the article? The technological communication advancements discussed in the article, ‘Superhero in the Cubicle’, were IBM Lotus Connections by Big Blue, Smartsheet from, Web… View Article

Health informatics – collaboration

I believes that following the principles below will facilitate collaboration among professions and professionals. • Client-centred care — Interprofessional client-centred care requires collaboration among clients,2 nurses3 and other health professionals who work together at the individual, organizational and health-care system levels.4 Health professionals work together to optimize the health and wellness of clients and involve… View Article

Teamwork and Collaboration in Nursing

A large part of working in the healthcare field is being able to work cooperatively and efficiently with not only co-workers, but also any other people that the nurse may have to interact with on a day to day basis. This includes patients, patient’s families, physicians and professionals in many different fields of specialties. Teamwork… View Article

PACCAR System Lab

1. Why did PACCAR commit such a large amount of resources to electronic systems during the recession? PACCAR decided to commit such a large amount of resources to electronic systems during the recession because they knew it was something they needed to introduce in their company to stay competitive. It also would help their staff… View Article

Social media impact on todays youth communication

Social media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn’t allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content. There is a wide variety of social media, ranging from social sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr through social networks such… View Article

Functional Area Interrelationships

The primary goal of this paper is to outline the functional area interrelationships of Kudler Fine Foods- a high-end, successful food store that feature some of the finest wines, cheese, produce, and pastries. Kudler has been in business for 15 years to date and target store locations that caters to the wealthy and cleaver shoppers…. View Article

Paradoxical Twins Case Analysis

1. At the end of Part I, how would you describe the organization design of both Omega and Acme? What factors led you to this conclusion? By the end of Part I, it is clear that Acme is a more mechanistic organization focusing on efficiency and profits, while Omega aligns itself with an organic organization… View Article

Apple Organization Structure

Each team will present a case during the course. The presentation will take between 15- 20 minutes. It should provide 1. summary of the case including information on who the main actors are, what the internal and external environment for this company is and what the key challenges are. You should also try to go… View Article

Collaboration Quiz

What are the advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment? Having diversity in a collaborative learning environment opens up more possibilities of learning, you will have more ideas and different views on the situation. The advantages on diversity are the different backgrounds of the group members. Because of this they’ll all have a… View Article

Lateral and Vertical Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are both essential elements in an organization’s strategic objectives, daily functionalities, and their ability to gain a competitive advantage. Kudler Fine Foods’ ability to communicate closely together as well as collaborate in their operative functions are impressive; however, an action plan that focuses on improving communication, along with lateral and vertical collaboration… View Article