Coffeehouse Essay Topics

Coffee and Starbucks

Starbucks has been the most successful coffee chain using their aggressive expansion strategies to surpass its competitors. Through its expansion, Starbucks has focused on creating a dense network of stores all around US, while also opening up new locations all around the world. However, Starbucks’ aggressive expansion strategies have posed major threats to its financial… View Article

Coffee Shops

Whenever I am in need to study or just want to find a place to hangout, what instantly springs to my mind is a coffee shop. There are many different coffee shops around me, but only one is my absolute favorite. My favorite coffee shop is Beca House. Beca House is a locally owned business… View Article

Starbucks Coffee Company (Hong Kong)

Starbucks Coffee Company (Hong Kong) was established in May 2000. They opened the first store in Central’s Exchange Square. By May 2008, Starbucks has opened more than 100 branches across Hong Kong commercial, shopping & entertainment and residential areas. Why did we choose this brand? The brand name of “Starbucks” becomes very well-known in Hong… View Article

A Brief History of Starbucks

In 1971, Starbucks’ opened its first store at Pike Street Market in Seattle, by three partners Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. Starbucks opened with the intent of being a gourmet coffee bean retailer and coffee equipment seller. The Starbucks name and logo came from two influences; a character named Starbuck in the classic… View Article

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

1 Introduction In 2003 Krispy Kreme was named by Fortune Magazine as ʻAmericaʼs Hottest Brand” and in 2004 they reported net income of $50 million. However over-expansion, an expensive store network, revelations of falsified financial reports and changing trends in diet have meant that Krispy Kreme revenues have declined by 50% between 2005 and 20101…. View Article

Starbucks Initiative

It is important to understand the relationship between strategic and financial planning when preparing for the future of a company and forecasting the success. Starbucks has developed two strategic initiatives for 2013 to help grow the company and increases success. Starbucks decided to try to expand the drive thru chains and develop a home brewing… View Article

Keurig: Managing a New Product Launch

Keurig: Managing a New Product Launch I. INTRODUCTION Everyone has a morning ritual while getting ready for the day’s activities. Some people exercise. Some people shower. Some people help get their children ready for school. Some people watch the news or listen to traffic reports. Some people drink coffee. In fact, in 2001, 20 million… View Article

Starbuck’s Supplier Relationships

STARBUCK’S SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS Equitable treatment Starbucks practices diversity and equitable treatment to all four areas they engage business with. These four areas are, partners, customers, supplier and communities. • Partners (employees) – Starbucks seeks out and engages with partners who are as diverse as the communities they serve. Starbucks tends to hire young and energetic… View Article

Mccafe Analysis

McCafe was introduced to the McDonalds business model at a time when the fast food industry, and dining out as a whole, was on a downslide. Consumers were trying to cut back and save money – dining out was an easy way to do that. McCafe is a full-service coffee bar, created as an extension… View Article