Coaching Essay Topics

Btec Sport – Health Saftey and Injury

Objective:- * To recognise and understand different types of injuries Types of injuries:- * Muscle strains – tears, pulls and ruptures These are caused by vigorous stretching of a muscle or tendon. In is of regular occurrence in the hamstring and calf muscles when there is failure to warm up correctly before sport. The Achilles… View Article

Should Foxhunting Be Banned?

Throughout the past few weeks and months, the issue of foxhunting has been brought back to light, resulting in a free vote for MP’s to put forward their views on whether this sport should be made illegal or not. For this reason I have compiled a full report, hopefully containing all the points and opinions… View Article

The Tournament

If you have ever regretted volunteering for a task, but had to continue, despite this, you will know how I felt, as I boarded the coach that would take me to the venue of the chess tournament. It was an all-consuming, unforgettable, always nagging sort of worry: that I would bring about my own humiliation… View Article

Local and National Provision of Hurling

In this essay I will look at how Hurling is provided for in Belfast at grassroots level to representative level. I will also examine if there is any provision for those with disabilities to play Hurling and I will examine if there is any provision for different gender groups. I will then see what provision… View Article

Physical Education: Synoptics : David Beckham

David Beckham has been playing football since a very early age. He now plays for Manchester United at an elite level and captains England. He trains and competes very regularly. 1.AGGRESSION Several aspects of football have progressed vastly in the last decade. Many of which are relevant to the increasing position of aggression in football… View Article

Implication of resource and technical developments

Introduction Technological development in football the last 30 years, football has developed dramatically. Improvements have been made not only in terms of footwear, footballs, goal keeping gloves and other general equipment, but also in terms of training methods and the attitude towards the professional game (i.e. drugs in sport and dieting in particular). Training and… View Article

What Coach Should

Rolls of Lesley Dixon, National Netball Coach * Manager- Lesley Dixon has to pick members of her squad for the match team * Coach- Lesley Dixon has to train the squad to get them up to match fitness and teach them skills * Team Leader- Lesley has to set an example to players and has… View Article

Coaching Analysis

Introduction: Analysis of sports performance is of great importance to a higher performance sports coach. “Coaching is about enhancing an athlete(s) performance a principal means by which this achieved is through feedback however research as proven that human observation and memory are not reliable enough to provide the detailed information necessary to secure behavioural changes”… View Article

Executive Coaching: Humanistic Perspective

It is a matter of fact that executive coaching is of great importance in our swiftly changing business and everyday life. Actually, I agree with Mary’s point of view that humanistic perspective should be used in business environment. I think that future leaders and top managers should pay more attention to this perspective. Moreover, working… View Article

Sports Coaching

In basketball the game revolves around teamwork from all the players on the team. This teamwork is developed by the coach who organises everything in games and also in training. A coach is someone in charge of training an athlete or a team (eLook [online]). It is also said by Lyle (2002) “The role of… View Article

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

1) What is my opinion about the statement, “What you are missing you already have”? I totally agree with it, since I have seen it play out in my life. I grew up in a household of lack thinkers. It was common to hear things like; “It’s always something,” “People like us can’t just can’t… View Article

Roles, Responsibilities and Skills of a Coach

Alex Ferguson – A role model is a person who serves as a positive example and whose behaviour and success is emulated by others. The way the coach conducts themselves in the presence of their athletes is important to get the respect of their athletes so they are able to coach them successfully. Alex Ferguson… View Article

Developing a Philosophy of Leadership

A leadership philosophy is the way we see ourselves as leaders. This philosophy guides our actions, our behaviors, and our thoughts. Our philosophies are influenced by external and internal forces. We can change who we are as leaders by simply changing our philosophy of leadership. Leadership philosophies can change as you grow to understand yourself… View Article

Athletes as Role Models

Principally, the observance of good quality sportsmanship widens outside the in performance playing field and occupy not only the conduct of the players, but the trainer, umpire and parents as well. In order to comprehend sportsmanship, it is a fine thought to inquire yourself, why are you here? In further words, why you and your… View Article

Remember the Titans Film

In the film remember The Titans directed by Boaz Yakin, an important character in the film is Coach Herman Boone. He uses his determination and skill to make the titans successful. This is shown through the use of visual and verbal features such as camera angles, costume, use of dialogue and music. Boone’s acceptance and tolerance teaches the… View Article