Clinic Essay Topics

Electronic Charge

Among the many causes of loss charges, denied claims and other billing problems is mismanagement. Recording every encounter with a patient is indeed hard for a doctor thus it is no surprise that inappropriate charges and denied claims would follow. However, these things could cause great monetary loss and thus a solution should be provided…. View Article

Classical Approach

These clinics provide a range of primary health care services with eye care often being a neglected component. The personnel at this level of the health care system are expected to be multi-skilled with eye care skills being one of their range of skills. The eye care personnel are usually primary health care nurses who… View Article

HCS 483 Clinician Provider Order Entry Implementation

Clinician Provider Order Entry Implementation Health Care Information Systems HCS 483 September 02, 2013 Clinician Provider Order Entry Implementation Implementation Process Health care organizations look forward when starting the implementation process for information system implementation. Adding or upgrading health care systems is met with excitement and opposition from the employees who must use the system… View Article

Facility Planning

There is a facility in Plaquemine, Louisiana that is extremely new to the town. The name of this facility is Ochsner of Plaquemine. This clinic is an obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) clinic. “The Ochsner Women’s Services team provides a range of services from pregnancy and childbirth to routine exams. For expecting moms, the team provides… View Article

The Unhealthy Hospital Case Study

For a healthcare set up it is very much important to maintain the financial system in balance so that the customers and the stakeholder’s interests are well attended. In a customers point of view one looks for the best service and the results possible from a hospital and on the other hand the stakeholders look… View Article

My Future Job

Do you like the thrill of working in the hospital’s emergency department? Maybe you prefer the calmer and less stressful settings of a medical clinic. One thing we all must choose upon graduating is the work place we would like to see ourselves in. For me, I would like to work in a medical clinic… View Article

Downtown Health Care Clinic

Perpetual Mercy Hospital Perpetual Mercy is a successful, nonprofit hospital located in the southern periphery of a major western city. It is extremely financially stable, debt free and holds the highest occupancy rate in amongst all hospitals located in its metro location. Perpetual Mercy has become extremely dependent on older, inner city occupants that are… View Article