Climate Essay Topics

A Climate for Change

General Motors has been through some difficult times the past ten years or so and appears to have learned some hard lessons. Based on these lessons, General Motors has begun to adopt a strategy of restoring profitability to its North American operations, by aggressive marketing, redesigned products, adopting to new Human resource strategy and a… View Article

An Anti-Bullying Climate must be Created

The teachers have the authority over the students and then can make rules and regulations on the class which will disregard teasing, bullying, and putdowns before it would happen. But the better way to put these rules and regulations is developing it together with the students. Doing this will make the students be aware and… View Article

Human impact on climate

Abstract Climate change has long been a controversial issue among governments and world bodies. It is defined as the variation in the Earth’s global climate or in regional climates over time. These variations may be caused by a multitude of factors, some of which include geological changes within the Earth itself, changes in forces outside… View Article

Human Impacts on Climate

Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth is not only informative but an eye opener especially for those living in the United States. Today global warming is not an obscure phenomenon but a reality that is being faced by everyone from Africa to Australia. Mankind’s actions are now more than ever before are changing the climate… View Article

The Effects of Global Climate Change on Clark County, Nevada

Global climate change is a growing concern in areas all over the world, especially dry areas like Clark County, Nevada. Clark County is located in Southern Nevada; most people are aware of Clark County because of Las Vegas and the world famous strip of hotels and casinos on Las Vegas Boulevard. What people are not… View Article

The warming of climate

Permafrost is generally used to define the condition of the soil, the temperature of which constantly remains below the freezing point of water for almost the whole length of the year. The warming of climate can relatively increase temperatures in areas where permafrost occurs. As a result, soil temperature may increase thereby lessening the permafrost… View Article

Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Together with the advent of globalization is the realization that many of the issues traditionally viewed as national concerns have their international implications. Climate change has been an enduring issue of concern since the discovery of the ozone layer depletion and its subsequent effects to ecosystems in the early 20th century (Castro & Huber, 2000)…. View Article

Climate Change

Today we can not question the realism of the climate change because the evidences of its effects to nature are already manifesting. The melting of the ice in north pole; the hurricanes this past years; the recurring drought; extreme weather changes; the rising of sea levels; and, the strong typhoons are only a few of… View Article

Ozone Depletion and Global Warming

There is no doubt that global warming is fast becoming a serious issue at this time. However, not all people are aware of the negative effects that global warming and ozone depletion can bring. They are also not aware of the fact that their day-to-day actions can contribute largely to the phenomenon. While ozone depletion… View Article

Climate change

In this era of industrialization there is no doubt that countries are developing in terms of resources and technology but there are repercussions as well. Scientists are of the view that human activities are contributing to not only a rise in world temperatures but also to the extreme climatic occurrences. Such climatic induced natural disasters… View Article

Climate change

The topic of the dissertation is very clear and well-defined. The problems that have been set forth by the researcher have also been posed with great clarity. To wit, the dissertation aims to ascertaon how green travel blogs perceive the problem of climate change and the manner by which it is affected by the tourism… View Article

Moving: North vs South

People relocate all the time. There are many places to choose from. I think that the most common deciding factor is the climate you may like or dislike. You may choose to live in the North where you can enjoy the falling snow and skies strapped to your feet, or down South where you might… View Article

World History Climates

There are many ways that the world’s changing climates had influenced the settlements of Oceania and the Americas. These people were not exactly prepared for what the Earth had in store for them. Who would have known that global warming would have already started happening years and years ago? The Americas and Oceania both had… View Article

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is located at a latitude of 66 degrees 33 feet 39 inches North. The problem with this statement is the actual latitude of the Arctic Circle is continuously changing due to the tilt of the Earth. It is important to maximize your sample size when developing a predictive model like the height… View Article