Claudius Essay Topics

Bloody bawdy villain!

Is there anything more to say about Claudius’s role and characterization in the play? Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era. It is widely believed to be one of his greatest plays, although not everybody agrees, T. S. Eliot calls it an ‘artistic failure’ and contrasts the play to that of Mona… View Article

Laertes and Polonius

When Ophelia tells her father of Hamlet’s “holy vows from heaven,” his harsh rebuke “springes to catch woodcocks” likens her to a game bird considered to be foolish. He later speaks of her as if she were nothing more than an animal; “I’ll loose my daughter to him” (II. ii. 160) which again indicates his… View Article

English coursework – Hamlet refers to Claudius

Hamlet refers to Claudius as a “Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindles villain! ” How far do you share his view? A villain is usually driven by something, usually power or money. Claudius has two of the greatest motives, power and lust. “My crown, mine own ambition, and my queen” Claudius lists the things he committed the… View Article

Explore the various reasons for Hamlet’s delay

Shakespeare presents the subject of hamlet’s provocation in a way that many different reasons could be suitable and debateable at the same time. Through the whole play, Shakespeare makes it clear that hamlet delays the intended murder for reasons such as preventing Claudius from going to heaven, waiting for the right opportunity to strike, hamlet… View Article

Hamlet is a thinker not a man of action

Hamlet’s one mission in the play is to revenge the death of his father by killing Claudius, however his procrastination leads to his untimely death, the deaths of many others in the Danish court and the relinquishment of Denmark to Fortinbras. Hamlet’s first words show a desire of revenge towards Claudius “A little more than… View Article

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Gertrude becomes shocked at what Hamlet has just done “Oh me, what hast thou done? ” here she stands in shock. Gertrude cannot really believe that her own son has committed a ruthless murder. This can be interpreted by Gertrude holding her head in her hands and not wanting to look at Hamlet or the… View Article

Claudius, hateful villain or good king?

“Claudius makes a good king. He is a careful ruler and a loving husband, providing stability for both his country and wife. ” “Murderer of the rightful king, Claudius is the play’s hateful, lying villain. ” What justification is there in the text to support these two views? What is your opinion of the way… View Article

Explore Shakespeare’s presentation

When exploring the parental relationships in Hamlet, the focus will inevitability lead back to the character of Hamlet. His connection, in one way or another, to the other characters allows one to observe Hamlet’s behaviour and motives. The relationships between Polonius and his children, Leartes and Ophelia, are recognized, but Hamlet’s filial relationships carry more… View Article

Hamlet is a self-obsessed

Throughout the course of the play, the character of Hamlet undergoes major upheaval, so a transition in his psyche is to be expected. One interpretation behind the reason for this transition is the one stated in the title (i. e. that he is a “self-obsessed, miserable typical teenager”); another may be that he is simply… View Article

How does Shakespeare examine the themes of revenge in Hamlet

The revenge tragedy established itself within Elizabethan theatre as a tremendously popular genre. The style of the play had gradually evolved from the works of Seneca, an ancient Roman playwright. Once translated these plays performed, steadily rose in popularity, with plays such as Middleton’s ‘The Changeling’, Kids ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ and Tourneurs ‘The Revenger’s Tragedy’… View Article

Compare and contrast the ways

Compare and contrast the ways in which language expresses the feelings of anger and frustration felt, by Hamlet and Claudius. Shakespeare uses very strong and powerful language in both of the speeches to express to the audience the strong feelings of anger and guilt felt by Hamlet and Claudius at this point in the play…. View Article

Discuss Hamlet’s attitude to death and the afterlife

Hamlet a product of Shakespearean times has a different view on death, the afterlife and the divinity of the monarchy to any person today. Everyone in the Elizabethan and Jacobean era believed that there was an afterlife. Everyone believed in God, in witches, fairies and in ghosts. No one saw the dichotomy between their varied… View Article

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare

In the play ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, one of the main themes is the discrepancy between appearance and reality. The development of this theme through the plot, soliloquy and imagery help to reinforce the player’s role in the play and directs the audience to where their allegiances should lie for the climax of the play…. View Article

In what ways, and how effectively

“Hamlet” contains particular elements which categorise it as a revenge tragedy, a popular genre in late 1500’s and early 1600’s. Revenge tragedies often comprise of certain characters who are appointed to pursue vengeance against a particular person. In addition, there is frequently a central plot, for example Hamlet’s revenge on Claudius for his father’s death,… View Article

The unpredictable course of revenge In the play

In the play, Hamlet, Shakespeare is depicting revenge as something that is inevitable and starts a chain of reaction that ends in self-destruction. In the process of revenge there are foreign agents that are also trapped as the revenge progresses. This is when the play is at its peak. The eventual result is death of… View Article