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Classroom management Essay Examples

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Comprehensive Classroom Behavior Management Plan

The classroom is a dynamic environment wherein nothing is constant except change and the need to continually adapt. This environment affects both students and teachers; students are developing physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Teachers must respond to these changes in the students by adapting the environment, curriculum, instructional style and methods, and classroom management techniques. The…

Effective Classroom Management

According to James H. Stronge in his book “Qualities of Effective Teachers”, some guiding principles in classroom management are the following: •Consistent, proactive discipline is the crux of effective classroom management. •Inside the classroom, we could always expect some disciplinary problems, but some teacher could immediately handle the said problems. Instead of formulating immediate medicine…

The Role of Motivation in Classroom Management

A good and smooth-sailing classroom discussion begins with a creative and powerful motivation. Even if the teaching strategies and educational tools are good, a classroom discussion would not be successful without the aid of a good motivation. Motivation is an integral part of the success of the teaching-learning process inside the classroom (Oelmuller 2007). Through…



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Personal Classroom Management Plan

My personal philosophy of classroom management of a preschool or elementary school settings that it requires several things first, of all you have to have patience, determination, and motivation. You have to be flexible, careful in planning, and being very consistence. You have to be prepared and ready to manage your classroom from day one….

Classroom Management

You are the teacher of a 5th grade class. Two students finished their assignment early, one student arrived late, and one student is not attempting the assignment. Being able to have the skills to handle situations like this takes practice and experience. The skills that are required are the ones that complete Jacob Kounin’s Classroom…

Classroom Management

Classroom management and discipline are two very important building blocks in a successful classroom. Setting rules and expectations for students has many positive benefits. Not only will students feel more comfortable in a stable well managed classroom, they will also learn more because there will be less distractions. Students in a classroom that are well…

Classroom Management

Introduction This paper will present the importance of setting standards within the classroom. Transitioning is one the most important part of planning. Without a classroom management students will not understand the role that they play within the classroom community. I believe the one of the most important details in the development of lesson planning is…

Classroom Management

During my classroom observation, I observed the classroom of Mrs. Shanesta Pettway. Mrs. Pettway is a 9th grade history teacher at Jeff Davis High School. She runs a very structured class with a well plan classroom management plan. Mrs. Pettway follows a strict schedule during the 50 minutes of class time that students follow such…

Ebt Classroom Management

This is a free additional chapter for ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ by Geoff Petty (2006) Nelson Thornes. It can be downloaded from www. geoffpetty. com. The book as a whole combines and summarises research on which teaching methods and strategies work best, and explains these strategies with examples. See the notes at the end of this…

Personal Classroom Management System

Abstract An effective classroom management is essential for the success of the students. The classroom management plan needs to be strong, but also flexible since not every class is the same and the teacher needs to be able to change around the plan to fit the needs of the current class. To construct my own…

Classroom Management debate

Set of procedures the teacher uses in order to ensure the smooth and motivational interaction among learners. It also involves the e? cient use of audiovisual aids and other forms of realia and equipment. Critical points to consider: •Teacher Talking Time •Student Taking time •The use of L1 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT http:// docs. google. com/open? id=0B5T…

Reviewing Classroom Management Plan

In reviewing this classroom management plan, I will be looking at the various elements that make up the plan. Such as the visual environment, physical arrangement, class rules and procedures as well as the types of instruction, communication plan and the teacher’s personal philosophy. Classroom management involves teacher actions to create a learning environment that…

Classroom Management and Diversity

Classroom management and diversity are two very important concepts to consider because classroom management in diverse environments can be a lot different than in less diverse environments. There is so much diversity going on now that everyone should be aware of the importance of classroom management inside the diverse environments. When I talk about diversity…

Classroom Management Strategies

How can a teacher prevent irritating classroom behaviors? 1. The students and teacher should first discuss and then write a “group” contract adopting acceptable classroom rules and procedures by the end of the first week of school. 2. Periodically review the rules and procedures of the classroom until the students can successfully adhere to them….

Classroom Management Plan

In my first year as a teacher, I am committed to providing an environment where students are successful in learning, and understand the rules of the school inside and outside of the classroom. When students know they are in a safe environment, they feel safe to –ask questions, make mistakes, and be their selves. In…

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