Classroom Essay Topics

Multicultural Classroom

Teacher’s self assessment about his level of consciousness and awareness of other races, religion and cultures helps him a lot in planning the class room activity effectively. Talking about the crucial role of teachers in creating a multicultural class room, Betty Wilson highlights the importance of teachers learning of new cultures. She says: I think… View Article

How the cell phone has affected the classroom

Mobile technology is said to have been around for quite sometime. But in the past it used to be costly and came in the form of a car phone. “Cell phones connect friends and families. In a moment, across the country or oversees a parent can call his son to see whether he is doing… View Article

Use of Visual Aides in the Modern Classroom

Visual aides have become important to the learning processes of children in all grades of school. From simple skits to enhanced computer calculations and comparisons, teachers everywhere are learning the power of having their students visualize and take part in what they are expected to learn. This process is a great departure from the classic… View Article

Using ICT in the Classroom

Information and Communication technologies are a feature of society that students regularly encounter in day-to-day life. Classroom learning should enable students to develop skills and knowledge in using ICTs to participate in society and also utilise ICTs appropriately to enhance teaching/ learning experiences. Therefore an understanding of the underlying pedagogical assumptions of ICT is vitally… View Article

Educational Technology in the Classroom

The face of pedagogy has evolved through time with the emergence of the technological age in the 19th century. As new technologies have been developed in order to enhance and produce efficient working environments, educational institutions, especially early childhood education, have slowly adapted several technological tools in order to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Learning available… View Article

Diverse Communication and Classroom Management

For teaching to be successful at any given stage, there should be an effective management of the classroom. This can be done through showing respect for the diversity that exists in the classroom situation. Diversity entails physical attributes, beliefs, gender, ethnic and cultural background, styles of learning and age among others (Dowdy & Delpit, 2008)…. View Article

Education in my Preschool Classroom

There have been many theories that have played a part in the foundation of early childhood education. It has been these theories that have changed the way teachers educate their students. Creating an environment that contributes to learning is key to the student’s success. I feel it is the social communication between students, their peers… View Article

Laptops Should Be Banned From The Classroom

The advent of technology in the classroom was a major breakthrough in the education sector. Use of laptops has indeed become one of the most celebrated achievements of the 21st century. By using internet connection, students are able to link up with what is referred to as Connected Learning Community or e-learning. Students are able… View Article

Planning and implementing classroom meetings

Class room meetings do provide a perfect forum for the establishment of a conducive learning environment in the school scenario. It does give the learners a perfect environment for them to practice their communication and socialization skills which are in cooperated in the teaching curriculum. The class meetings are meant to serve some purposes which… View Article

Child Development

When I come to the class room, the first thing I do is organize the materials that are needed for my classroom and place them into two groups that will be made up of learning arrangements and the organizing arrangements. This before the children arrives every morning. As for the organizing part I will make… View Article

Classroom interventions

Peer tutoring refers to an instructional strategy used in most of the schools and it involves pairing students to enhance learning or to enable students practice academic tasks. Students paired can be having same or even different abilities and may also be of different age range. It is usually employed on classroom intervention in an… View Article

Original Classroom Assessment

Over the past few years, there have been many debates and theories made regarding the concentration of world popular culture on Western – particularly, American influences. American consumer symbols such as McDonald and Mickey are among the most popular manifestations of the tremendously increasing sway of the U. S. on various countries all around the… View Article

University Success

Grand Canyon University strives to support student learning by creating an online community. A “community” feeling inside an online course can help me as well as other students stay motivated. Online classrooms have the same characteristics as a traditional classroom; however, the class instructors direct course materials through a Grand Canyon University online portal. The… View Article

The Role of the Teacher

Being a teacher, like being a parent, means taking on a complex role, a role that is in constant flux , that needs constant redefinition according to the learner or the child. Teaching requires knowledge, skill, commitment and caring. Preparing to teach requires effort and time. It was William Butler Yates who said: “Teaching is… View Article