Civilization Essay Topics

The Santa Clara University ethics committee stated

he function of morals in society is more or less to distinguish between what is best for society as a whole, generally speaking, the way for the most people to be happy. Drugs in society are looked down upon, though widely used throughout civilization. More importantly, drugs are given a negative outlook especially when they… View Article

Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilisation

In this essay, we shall attempt to examine the earliest examples of human civilisation, using examples from early Mesopotamian civilisations up to c2600BC. The earliest examples of civilisation are generally acknowledged to be found in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, China’s Yellow River valley, and – quite separately – Peru. While some cultural trade and… View Article

The Western Civilization

Ideas are not only products of the people who formulate them. They are also consequences of history, class, and culture. At the same time, ideas formulated by a certain group of people can in good time go on to shape and influence history, class and culture. The ideas of Enlightenment implied an attitude, a method… View Article

A historical perspective on the Western civilization

In our day, we instinctively associate Western Civilization with liberty, individualism and reason. However, liberal democracy is more recent phenomena. Many crucial aspects of the civilization of Western countries of today developed from the time of French and American revolutions. The nineteenth century laid a strong foundation to the twentieth century Western civilization. Before 1800… View Article

The Distinctive Positive Characteristics of the Western Civilization

Civilization emerged in the Middle East over five thousand years ago, and a variety of civilizations have flourished on the earth ever since. However, they all have only been a prelude to the unique Western civilization, which has finally been able to release the true potential of human mind during the dramatic transformation of thinking… View Article

The Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization became prominent by the year 2300 BC. It flourished in the valley of the River Indus. By the year 1750 BC, the advanced city – states built by the people of that region were conquered by the nomadic Aryan tribes who belonged to Persia. These invading Aryans introduced several rituals and… View Article

Roman Civilization

Abstract The Roman civilization was one of the greatest civilizations in world history. It spanned almost a thousand years and stretched from Europe to Africa. Although the Roman civilization is already long extinct, its legacy is still an important part of today’s social institutions such as government and religion. The Roman Civilization             The Roman… View Article

The 1215 Magna Carta

The events that took place before King John of England was crowned made the king the most powerful man in Europe. However, right after King John was crowned in the first part of the 13th century, a string of mismanagement both at home and overseas, coupled with the inherent neglect and exploitation of the king’s… View Article

World History

Two civilizations have been hailed as being important to the history of the world and are usually referred to as the cradle of mankind. These are the Mesopotamia and the Ancient Egypt. The development of the city states of Mesopotamia and the stability of the ancient Egypt has been seen driven by geographic factors. Indeed… View Article

Indianization Term

Question 1 What does the term `Indianization` or `sinicization` refer to when used to describe government administrations headed by invaders or foreign powers? Please give at least 2 examples.                 These two terms refer to a general cultural assimilation of the foreign government.  Over time, occupying powers in China and India became familiar with the… View Article

Eastern Civilization

      Chinese culture has been divided in many ways. Each division has left its mark on the generations to follow.      Ancient Southern Chinese and mainland Southeast Asian culture effected several areas of the Northern Chinese culture. One of the largest impacts was the spread of Buddhism. When Buddhism has a strong following in the… View Article

A Comparison of Japanes and German Civilizations: 10th to 12th Century

Introduction “When the East meets the West” is a known slogan which implies the meeting of different cultures with fewer things in common. Even in psychological parlance, there is a distinct difference between the “Oriental” and “Occidental” psyche. In the interest of discovering the extent of these differences in the social context, two civilizations, one… View Article

Western Civilization

Functional political structures of prior centuries still exist to a great degree this very day. What that means is those political systems that are viable can transcend centuries and cultures to exist in the modern world. Political structures are not something that are pulled out of thin air and instituted. Instead, political structures and ideologies… View Article

A Century of Satchmo

America is a culturally rich and diverse nation. It has a dynamic history marked by a constantly changing society. The noticeable transformation of the people’s way of life in each era is brought forth by important historical events. One of the biggest attestations of America’s cultural richness, dynamism and democracy is its music. Music is… View Article

Aztec And Inca Civilization

Thesis: Two world, completely different, met each other. Those worlds were at different stages of cultural-historical development: if the most progressive Indian civilizations corresponded in the Old World the most archaic form of governments, Europe passed Renaissance and experienced the period of anti-feudal revolutions. Nevertheless, American aborigines had something to share with newcomers from their… View Article