Civil War Essay Topics

World War One

Here Birling begins to get really wound up by the Inspector. In Mr. Birling’s opinion, not only is the inspector accusing him of being responsible for something he hasn’t done, he is now insulting him and the way he runs his business. We have seen previously that Mr. Birling takes pride in his business and… View Article

The impossibility of war

Mr Birling uses the word ‘duty’ frequently. A duty is normally something people do for legal or moral reasons, something which bind them to their obligation. Birling has no legal obligation to keep labour costs down; presumably then he sees it as a moral obligation. Mr Birling has little or no imagination and seems blind both… View Article

The First World War

‘We don’t live alone. We are all members of one body. We are responsible for each other. ‘ What is Priestley’s main aim in An Inspector Calls? How successfully does he achieve it? John Boynton Priestley was a committed socialist. He was born in 1894 in Bradford and his mother died the same year. Priestley… View Article

The civil war

The guidebook tells us that Rockingham followed the standard Norman pattern which consisted of an outer bailey, courtyard, drawbridge and a curtain wall. Rockingham was a place for important historical events for example in 1096 king William II held a debate there. Source 13 tells us that the Domesday book says Rockinham was built in… View Article

War Story

We painfully await our fate. Looking to my left I see men heaped over each other bent double, like old beggars, they’re coughing like hags. Many of them sleep; their expressionless faces haunt my once peaceful mind. They look as though they had been wiped of any feelings of security and comfort that they had… View Article

Why are African Americans at war

The idea of African Americans at war during the Civil War is an answer that can be found in the crescendo of abolitionist speeches. Freed blacks wished to be at war to free their brothers and sisters who were still slaves; they were at war for many reasons. The call to war could not have… View Article

Women in the Civil War

During the civil war, the contributions made by women both in the north and the south, though somewhat unheralded, were nonetheless significant. In fact many women were not contented with merely supporting the war efforts from the home front. Hundreds of them were actually with their armies in the battlefronts. Many were serving as field… View Article

Bloody civil war

The final two chapters of the novel, Ike tries to discover and understand the history of his own family and the way in which they had treated the blacks. He even attempts to make amendments to one of them, by sending some money. The brief chronicle that he finds of his family helps him reconstruct… View Article

The use of cooperating groups in teaching

Learning can be structured competitively, individually or cooperatively. Structure competitively, so that students work against each other. Individually, so that students work alone independently. Cooperatively, so that students work together in accomplishing shared learning goals. Recently, cooperative structure of teaching have earned wide acceptance due to its known positive gains. According to Johnson & Johnson… View Article

Civil War: The Second Revolution

The Civil War is one of the most integral events in American history. It was responsible in shaping the United States to its present political and social structure. It is definitely a war, but can it be considered as the country’s second revolution? Indeed, it is. This essay aims to discuss how and why the… View Article

The North and South of the Civil War

The United States Civil War started when civil unrest in the South led to political desires to secede from the Union. During a time of unrest due to slavery, the North and South were divided about which direction the nation should proceed. The North and South each had their own relative strengths and weaknesses such… View Article

What Caused Secession

With no doubt was the secession of the eleven southern states a very important event in our country’s history. Resulting in Civil War, which lasted four years, leaving over one-half million deaths, destruction, and great sectional hatred, has affected our country till today. The great question is what caused the southern states to secede? If… View Article

Economic Globalization and Civil War

Researchers Katherine Barbieri and Rafael Reuveny attempt through their study on economic globalization and civil war to find the relation, if any, between the effects of globalization and the occurrence of civil wars in developing countries. Their hypothesis is that globalization has positive effects on developing countries, causing them to have more stability and become… View Article

Reconstruction after the Civil War

Black political activity during the Reconstruction after the Civil War came from the experience of after war slavery or what was called servitude. A strong sense of community grew out of shared racial oppression and contributed to the formation of a political stand for the black freedman. Even though this formation was important it really… View Article

Civil War and Reconstruction

Born September 28, 1941 in Eunice, Louisiana James L. Roark is a Stanford educated historian who has written countless texts on American History and the impact of the American Civil War, to include The American Promise: A History of the United States (2008), No Chariot Let Down: Charleston’s Free People on the Eve of the… View Article