City Schools Essay Topics

Repton School

Amit Ruparel, 15, is a boarder at Repton School, doing his GCSEs. He lives in Derby with his parents, brother and sister. I wake up at around half-past seven with a big yawn. I then get up, grab my towel and shower gel, go downstairs and have a shower. Every time I wake up at… View Article

Outline and comment on the two schools

“Outline and comment on the two schools of thought involved in the study of the nature-nurture debate in development. Explain, using examples, why this debate gives rise to so much controversy”. The debate concerning the two schools of thought involved in the study of the “nature versus nurture” is one of the most controversial and long-lasting… View Article

School-based drug-testing scheme

Recently,the government has launched a voluntary school-based drug-testing scheme. However, some people suggest that the scheme should be made compulsory so thatit has a real deterrent effect. Write an article for the school newspaperproviding arguments for and against the suggestion. End the article by givingyour own opinion. Give your article a title. DearEditor, Is it… View Article

The inadequacy of motivation

Sixth, there are some individuals who are more successful than others because of their sicknesses and the discrimination that goes along with it. For example, there may be students who suffer from HIV/AIDS and they tend to drop out of school because of discrimination (Cape.. , 2006). Other students may feel and believe that they… View Article

Sufficient Budget for K-12 Inner City Schools

Catherine Gewertz (2008) in “Pennsylvania Lawmakers Eyeing Cost of School Finance Revamp” outlines the recent legislature actions over the education sector. A 2007 legislative costing-out study released in November reveals that, to deliver quality education, $2,500 more is needed for every child in the Keystone State. The 2008 fiscal budget amounting to $27. 2 billion… View Article