City Essay Topics

Educational Memories

I first came into Wakefield City High School on September 1994. I had to go to the hall for an assembly. I was nervous I didn’t know anyone. There was no one else from my old school just me. I was sat down feeling nervous in the assembly just then the head of lower school… View Article

The Urban Story

He had hacked into the United States police department asylum system to find out about Psycho. Koeb Arenas the III had just found out that Psycho, or in other words Bruce Flintstone Cornelius, was his childhood friend from Pittsburgh. The great detective knew what he had to do to stop Psycho and where to go…. View Article

Mabalacat Pampanga

Is a former municipality, the third city in Pampanga converted because of a referendum on July 21,2012. According to the last 2010 consensus, Mabalacat has a population of 215,610 people. Economy and Livelihood -Mabalacat is a major transportation hub here in Pampanga connecting NLEX, SCTEX , and the McArthur Hi-Way. -Mabalacat is a highly urbanized… View Article

Suburb vs. City Living

People have different preferences in their lifestyle. Some choose to live in the suburbs, while others would rather live in the city. Their choices may be due to a number of reasons, some of which are usually personal. Living in the suburbs or in the city is upon the discretion of the individual.             Suburb… View Article

Founding of the City

Oslo is Norway’s capital city. The name Oslo was derived from the Old Norse word “…os” meaning mountain and lo meaning plain or river “. Thus, Oslo can be described as a place that is located beneath the mountains. The city of Oslo was founded around1000 AD. The first evident settlement in Oslo took place… View Article

Ocean city and Clearwater beach

One of the great things about summer is going to the beaches. Over the past ten years my family and I have had the pleasure of heading up to Ocean City Maryland on the eastern shore. The beach there is an excellent place for the family to get together and have fun. The sand at… View Article

That’s Life in the Big City

An implied warranty of habitability is a warranty set forth by law in respect to all residential leases in a way to ensure that the premises are fit and conducive for human habitation. In addition the warranty is aimed at ensuring that the condition of the premise remains fit and habitable throughout the duration of… View Article

The Origin of Turnpikes in the United States History

     The origin of Little River Turnpike goes back to the year 1795 and it started from Alexandria in Virginia state, to the base of the Blue Ridge, located today at Route 236-50 to Aldie in Loudoun County.  To know exactly how it came into existence requires to touch on what was going on around… View Article

A Study of Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Although George Bernard Shaw finished writing Mrs. Warren’s Profession in 1893, he was unable to get a license to stage it until 1902. Since this play deals with the double standards between rich and poor and men and women the inability for it to be performed in London for nine years is both poignant and… View Article

A Black City Within the White”

Loic Wacquant’s “A Black City Within the White” provides an absorbing and honest perspective on the continuation of racial disparity and discrimination in urban America. He contends the black world within the white world exists due to the continued exclusion of blacks to the extent the black world is virtually “unknown and unnoticed” by white… View Article

Toronto garbage crisis: the Storage Issue

Toronto represents the largest city in Canada and as well the provincial capital of Ontario, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, and has a population of 2,503,281 people.[1] As the greatest economic capital and one of the major global cities in Canada, Toronto has highly developed finance, business services, telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, media,… View Article

The Vatican City

The Vatican became an independent state in 1929 after the signing of the Lateran Treaty and it is a landlocked surrounded by Rome the capital city of Italy. Most of the boundaries were influenced by the fact that the Vatican City was enclosed along various building such as the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Apostolic Palace,… View Article

Transportation City of Boston

Internet practices in the year 2000 were the elements that brought new challenges to the field of logistics. People started to expect more from the customer service field and from the quality and value that corporations provided. With these high expectations, the importance of transportation and logistics became a way to make firms more competitive… View Article

The Four Residential Towers in Chicago

  The place is called the Presidential Towers and it is located in downtown Chicago at 555 Madison Street.  In fact it is a 49 floors residential building designed by the Architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz and his associates.  Build in 1985 by McHugh Levin with an initial cost of $125 million (City, 2008).    The… View Article

Doing the Right Thing in the City

The production of commercial movies, their influence, and respective socio-psychological representations provide a rich ground upon which a variety of ideologies may be based. This is particularly significant in films that aim to mirror certain dynamics and relationships existing in a specific community, specially those that feature a diverse selection of racial, social, gender, economic,… View Article