Cities Essay Topics

Chicago and lagos: two cities in contrast

Chicago and Lagos had a humble beginning. Both were outposts for American and English governments and remained as hub of trade and commerce through out the history. Lagos has five hundred years of history, while Chicago is two hundred years old. Both have grown into mega-cities through the process of urbanization and have developed their… View Article

Introduction to Global Cities

A global city is one “that has a direct and tangible effect on global affairs through socioeconomic, cultural, and/or political means” (Wikipedia, 2006). For a city to go global, it has to outstrip the level of development of other cities in the nation and attain global significance. The making of a global city is associated… View Article

Great American Cities

Jane Jacobs’ 1961 work The Death and Life of Great American Cities examines the problems with post-World War II urban planning and argue that cities should embrace visual and social diversity, interaction, and mixed uses in neighborhoods. She aims her most pointed criticisms at the disastrous urban renewal projects of the 1950s and ‘60s, which… View Article

Cities and urban life

In any developing and developed countries, one of the indicators of development is the infrastructure and the growth of cities. Urban culture is the cultural behavior that is associated with the urbanites. Cities all over the world, from the time immemorial have behaviors and cultural elements that separate them from otherwise specific comparable rural areas…. View Article

Factors behind Economic Growth in Hong Kong and Singapore

There are many similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore. Both countries enjoy high economic growth rates for the past three decades, they are known as “East Asian Tigers” because they made a transition from poverty to Newly Industrialized Economies (NIE’s) in a very short period of time. Both Hong Kong and Singapore were British colonies… View Article

Canadian cities

This piece of essay will answer whether there are ghettos in Canadian cities and which are these cities and why them not the others. What are the main causes of ghettos and what the authorities are doing about this issue? Ghettos in Canadian Cities. There has been an increase of minority groups in most of… View Article

Compare and Contrast About Two Cities

Da lat and Vung Tau city, which were established early ago, have high population density and living standards. People who live in two cities have the same traditional cultures and they come from different provinces of Vietnam. Although there are several similarities between DaLat city and Vung tau city, there are many obvious differences between… View Article

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

For thousands of years, cities have existed, bringing together large numbers of people in common living conditions, complemented by the infrastructure to support the needs of these people, centers of commerce, and the like. In a modern context, cities are planned and executed with practiced precision, in an attempt to create an orderly setting for… View Article

Philippine Festival

1. The Black Nazarene * A life-sized statue of Christ is carried through town by barefooted men yelling, “Viva Señor, while huge crowd tries to touch the statue. * January 9 at Quiapo Church in Manila 2. Sinulog * The festival is characterized by a very long parade with many groups of persons dressed in… View Article

Health Issues in the Philippines

DOH alarm: HIV cases in first-half 2012 exceed full year of 2010 The number of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) cases during the first half of the year has already surpassed the record for the whole 2010, the Department of Health (DOH) said Friday, underscoring the alarming rise in incidence of the virus that causes the… View Article