Circuit Essay Topics

The strength of an electromagnet

I found out that the best variables to use were 10-35 volts this means that the electromagnet doesn’t get too hot and 10 volts does pick up a few nails. I also found out that changes the number of coils on the electromagnet wasn’t a good idea as its very difficult to get an accurate… View Article

Operational Amplifiers

Operational amplifiers are integrated circuits which controls its functions using external feedbacks. In analog computers and similar circuits, we make the assumption that the key component of the circuit, the operational amplifier, is perfect and ideal, with an infinite voltage gain and zero input current. Unfortunately, this is not possible in real-world devices. The questions… View Article

The Father of Integrated Circuit

The integrated circuit or popularly referred to as the microchip plays a significant role in the fruition of the devices that many people enjoy today. It is rather hard to synthesize the introduction of information age without referring to this invention. This breakthrough profoundly changed the world as people see it today, and it is… View Article

Audio Amplifier project

The objective of this report is to illustrate the entire process of bringing an audio amplifier from a circuit diagram to a finished, working product. The basis of the amplifier will be the LM386 chip and as such, this will be looked at in further detail along with other technical features of the project. Aims… View Article

Electric circuit

Aim: To design a simple electrical circuit for Doctor’s Surgery to let people know when to enter and also to research and learn more about parallel and series circuits. Introduction I am going to design an electric circuit for a Doctor’s surgery. There are two types of circuit’s Parallel circuit, and Series circuit. First I… View Article