Cinema Essay Topics

Rodolpho cinema

Family honour, as mentioned before is important in Italy. As long as your family is respected, then so are you. Therefore, to insult one person is to insult several other people. Other plays, notably Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet also highlight the importance of family honour. When Eddie Carbone first talks to Alfieri, he is shocked… View Article

Design an Advertisement or a Web Site for the Cinema

Design an advertisement or a web site for the cinema. Your advertisement or web site should be attractive and easy to update as films and timings change and be suitable for publication in various places. The application chosen To complete the task above, I used Microsoft ‘Front page’ 2000. T his is a Desktop Publishing… View Article

Cinematic features

With detailed textual references discuss, analyse and review the key but cinematic features displayed in “Pleasantville” and “The Truman Show” The following essay, which I have composed, is based on two important films of the last decade. Their titles are “Pleasantville” and “The Truman Show”. Starting with the “Pleasantville”, the general overview of the film’s… View Article

What is British Cinema?

Discussion British cinema had faced the times of recession and boom. There are many factors which can be used to know the growth of this film industry. The growth can also be known by the number of movies produced. This cinema industry was boomed first time in 1910 but they again seen recession in 1920… View Article

Americans and Cinema

Despite America as a country encompassing by different cultures and ethnic background, the historical significance of the American Indians are still unfelt and given recognition in the modern times. (Martin) In the United States and in Canada, the term Indians has established a connotation of some hegemonic designation which implies a culture that is very… View Article

Intervention of Cinematherapy

The Cinematherapy is considered a new counseling intervention based on the principals of bibliotherapy and the technology of video. According to Berg-Cross L. , Jennings, P. & Baruch, R . (1990), Cinematherapy is a therapeutic intervention permitting clients to visually evaluate a film’s characters interaction with others, their environment, and personal issues, in that way… View Article

Chinese Language Cinema

During the 21st century China had been recognized to be one of the greatest distributors of movies throughout the world. China made a big influence when it comes to movie industry on different countries particularly on the American markets. Chinese movies had been widely appreciated by the United States. There are many Chinese actors and… View Article

Alfred Hitchcock

For every Hitchcock’s story come suspense, drama, terror and exhilarating scope of life’s spectacular event. Alfred Hitchcock who was an English made the word “mystery and suspense” attached to every story he has to tell. He has been a productive writer, director and an ever mysterious of a man himself ever since he was young… View Article

How Film Technology Impacted Cinema’s Evolution

Over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, cinema technology advanced greatly—and with an ever-growing history of movies from which to draw reference, film-makers have increasingly approached productions from fresher perspectives, while always employing the most modern equipment, in order to better serve the audiences of their days. In Visions Of Light, a series of interviews with… View Article

Visit to National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, India

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi is the leading Indian Art Gallery. We were quite lucky to have the chance to attend the exhibition “Project Cinema City” there. The exhibition was hosted to commemorate 100 years of Indian Cinema. It sought to enquire into the interfaces between the city of Mumbai and Cinema. The… View Article

Watching a Movie at Home Is Better Then at the Cinema

Some people think watching movie in a cinema is better. Other think watching movies at home is better. Which do you prefer? Nowadays, many people prefer watching movie in a cinema. They believe that the cinema has a better atmosphere to enjoy the movie. However, from my perspective, people who watch movie at home are… View Article

European Cinema

The characteristics and development of cinema can be initially determined from its dependence on the technological advancements that have contributed to the art. However, despite technology’s major influence in all aspects of filmmaking, cinema from different parts of the world can be identified through the distinctive approaches of filmmakers and screenplay writers. European and American… View Article

The Cinema

The movies that are being compared here are made at two different periods of time and for audience of distinct mentality. Movies are made keeping in mind the taste of audience because it is totally show business. But here two movies, one of which was made almost more than 50 years before the other are… View Article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cinemas

The cinema attracts large numbers of people everyday. It is the magnet of the town. It sometimes attracts even those who do not wish to see a film. As it is so popular, the cinema exerts a profound influence on the minds of many people, young and old. The influence is sometimes good, and sometimes… View Article