Church Essay Topics

Chaucer’s attitude to the church and churchmen

Chaucer comments a lot on the church throughout the general prologue, the fact that the story begins with the pilgrimage to Canterbury strongly suggests the religious perspective, the Catholic values of the time encompass the main plot. Chaucer creates a fairly secular world filled with imperfect human beings as shown in the General Prologue. Many… View Article

A Royal Commission stated in 1882

Explain the emergence of compulsory mass education in England during the second half of the 19th Century. At the height of its days of Empire, Britain was the core of manufacturing and productivity and classed as the worlds largest and most powerful force. A Royal Commission stated in 1882 “The Englishman has yet to learn… View Article

There are many problems facing rural areas

The term ‘rural’ is defined as an area that has a population of 5000 people or less. There are many problems facing rural areas in today’s world. These problems include:  Depopulation, where more people are actually moving out leaving the area with even fewer people. The migration of young people, which can leave the area… View Article

Directing Hamlet

If I were to have the pleasure of directing “Hamlet” I would first think about how and where the scene would be set. I would have the scene set in the suburbs of Italy where the ‘gangsters’ are, because the portrayal of gangster Italy, on television (which the audience may be familiar with) is like… View Article

Interview of a Presbyterian Church Member

The Presbyterian Church was founded during the 16th century during the Protest Reformation. Much of the teachings and philosophies began with John Calvin (1509-1564). Currently, the Presbyterian Church (USA), is based in Louisville, Kentucky and has about 2. 4 million members belonging to 11,100 congregations. The church also has about 14,000 ordained and active ministers…. View Article

Importance of black church

One of the primary institutional foundations of the black community is the Black church. It is necessary to evaluate the role that has been played by the Black church in response of the abovementioned needs and negative impacts of the black youth today. In this regard, a total of 635 Northern churches were surveyed by… View Article

Role of black church in working with black adolescents

Black churches provide family-oriented community outreach programs, which have been studied during the Black Church Family Project. Programming for youth development has been reflected in the survey data, which has been discussed in this paper. The two northern regions have been selected for this project. Frightening dangers are being confronted by the contemporary American adolescents,… View Article

Church leader enables others

A church leader uses his gifts to enable others to discover, develops, and use their God’s given gifts. A church leader truly enables other people helping them to become God‘s intended persons. This is not a true leadership to just manipulate others to act in a certain manner. A church leader puts aside his or… View Article

Plans and direct actions

A church leader knows how to plan and direct actions to avoid any mistakes being made. He formulates and deploys plans to achieve objectives – he directs the work accordingly until it finishes. He creates different questions in his mind; for example, what to do, why to do it, when to do it, how to… View Article

Quantitative research

Isaac and Michael described quantitative research as allowing the researcher to formulate research questions or hypotheses and then to test each under controlled conditions. They decided its greatest merit is the convincing nature of hard data collected that can speak for itself (1974, 354-355). PROCEDURES To conduct this study, the following actions will be taken… View Article

The context of Church-State Relations

This section sets the context for testing the hypotheses. Historically, church-state relationships have been a recurring and significant source of political controversy in European states. The outcomes of these controversies may be viewed in terms of the following taxonomy: the Erastian model, in which the state has assumed responsibility for the direction of the church;… View Article

Who is this Jesus? By: Michael Green

Edward Michael Bankes Green or known as Michael Green is a high Catholic and Anglican priest who became more successful in his responsibilities as a servant of God. Green was born in 1930 and gained many achievements when it comes to his educational activities, and one of his major achievements is to become a deacon… View Article

Hold-over questions from the mid-term study guide

Liberal democracy is often understood as a political system structured by free and fair elections, the rule of law, a separation of powers, and the protection of basic liberties of speech, assembly, religion, and property. Zakaria defines these conditions as “constitutional liberalism. ” Why does he think democracy is flourishing while liberty is not? (17-21)… View Article

Ideology vs. united church of Canada’s advertisement

Ideology is a ‘Representation’ of the Imaginary Relationship of Individuals to their Real Conditions of Existence — Louis Althusser, 1970 Many companies use advertisement as their way of attracting customers. They tend to create ideological perspective within their advertisements to show their stand on the society’s standards. Most of the time, advertisements are made for… View Article

Identity group catholicism

Catholicism as a group can be defined as being a member of the Roman Catholic church. This implies being baptized into that church and in the case of older people of confirming that baptismal promise for themselves. This defines its boundaries both for those who are included and those who do not belong to the… View Article