Christmas Essay Topics

Crooks monologue- Of mice and men

I’m so tired, both physically and mentally, but I bet you, there aint no one in the whole world who could, I mean who would help me. All this because I’m black. Is that even fair? Is that even my fault? I’m just a man too, I’m just a man like any other man round… View Article

Bruises on Lillian-Jean

Hans it like a strategic carefully manoeuvred battle, getting advice from her father. She also gets Big Ma, her grandmother to braid her hair so Lillian-Jean could not pull it in the fight. For a 9 year old she is very bright and discerning, as she leaves no marks or bruises on Lillian-Jean, so there… View Article

Great Expectations so successful

Pip almost breaks down in relief when Magwitch allows him to go, “I faltered”, he is relieved but still shaken. His childish imagination shows, when Magwitch is picking his way through the graves, “as if he were eluding the hands of the dead people”, he imagines very fearful images, that he will always relate to… View Article

Cloning human Beings is not ethical

” Here Dickens abruptly changes the atmosphere and creates one of sadness and regret, and so he uses his mutual technique to change the atmosphere in reflection to Scrooges feelings, and he does this here to link the moral message with emotive feelings the reader is experiencing, to make it more powerful. Here he is… View Article

Bob Crachit

How does Dickens use imagery and language to present the character of Ebenezer Scrooge in Stave one of ‘A Christmas Carol? ‘ Charles Dickens started writing ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the 18th Century. Whilst writing the novel he was experiencing a world that had totally forgotten about Christmas and had no time for it. It… View Article

Maryles Ghost

This is effective because the reader can tell how cold the weather is. There is also another hint to that a ghost will appear because when Dickens uses metaphors he writes “The fog came pouring in at every chink and keyhole, and was so dense without, that, although the court was of the narrowest, the… View Article

A Christmas Carol

Remembrance of his past, viewing the present and an insight into the future, make Scrooge realise how greedy he has been throughout his elder life and makes him want to change for the people around him. To express the theme of goodness, Dickens uses lists, similes, metaphors and alliterations to express character and contrast good… View Article

A Christmas Carol

There were pears and apples, clustered high in blooming pyramids; there were bunches of grapes, made, in the shopkeepers’ benevolence to dangle from conspicuous hooks, that peoples mouths might water gratis as they passed. ” Dickens uses such descriptive language here to focus on how much the food means to people who cannot afford much,… View Article

Scrooge over the two-day period

The amount of money to the Charity man; he is a changed man. He has a total change in his personality; he even plays a joke on Bob pretending to be miserly and then lights a large fire and helps Tiny Tim. Scrooge loses respect from his colleagues after using most of his money on… View Article

Christmas card making

What I would like to achieve by making Christmas cards with a group of 3-4 children at a time, is to see how and what they think Christmas is all about, their creative side and if the can write their own names at the bottom of their card. The learning intentions for each child are… View Article

Charles Dickens

Belle says: “Our contract is an old one. It was made when we were both poor and content to be so… ” Dickens shows that they were content when they were poor. “You are changed. When it was made you were another man. ” Dickens shows that since Scrooge has got wealthy he has changed…. View Article

Charles Dickens

Examine the presentation of the three spirits and Marley’s ghost in “A Christmas carol” and show the differences and similarities in their appearance, attitude towards Scrooge and the effect upon him. Consider also the spectre in “The Signalman” In a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens, the four ghosts are all described differently. They all help… View Article

A chance of hope

Charles Dickens was a successful novelist who was born at around 1812, he was a social campaigner. He was a great storyteller who told tremendous stories. He was concerned about poor, people living of the streets that were living of literarily nothing and whose day jobs were to go round pick pocketing. He wanted to… View Article

Scrooge-a christmas carol

Charles John Huffam Dickens was a nineteenth century English novelist. He wrote many novels such as, The Pickwick Papers, the very famous Oliver Twist, The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, although he sadly passed away whilst writing this, and of course, A Christmas Carol! In A Christmas Carol, Dickens created many characateurs. One of them being… View Article

Prose – A Christmas Carol

But it’s too late now’, showing either that he is not as bitter as we thought, or that he is already learning from the lessons he is being taught. He is also deeply affected in the third episode when talking to the Spectre about his late sister and her son; Fred, his nephew. After we… View Article