Christianity Essay Topics

Christian attitudes to Infertility

Infertility is the inability for a couple to conceive a child by the natural processes or after a year of trying. This can happen for a number of reasons. One of the reasons could be stress. As we live in a society with high expectations for people to be successful it puts people under enormous… View Article

Which is more important? Bible or Church

In my point of view I think that the Church is the more useful to a modern day Christian citizen, it is not more important because if there wasn’t a Bible, then the Church may not exist. Nonetheless, people may say that if the Church didn’t exist then the purpose of the Bible would slowly… View Article

Christian vocation coursework

Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work Vocation is the idea that people get a call from god to do a certain job this can also be said about being called into Christianity by god, it may not be an actual call or a big flash of… View Article

Ceaseless controversy – Christianity

The 18th century England was embroiled in ceaseless controversy. The first half of the century was marked by political movements, the rise of skeptics and deists (enlightenment period) whereas in the second half, revival within the church became the issue at stake. Harris states that the century witnessed deterioration in religious tradition, which resulted from… View Article

Craig Lockhart

Wilfred Owen was a soldier in the First World War; in 1917 he was admitted to Craig Lockhart hospital with shell shock. He had previously written poems pre 1917 but whilst in the hospital he met Siegfried Sassoon; Sassoon had a huge influence on the way Owen wrote his poems. Owen’s main message in his… View Article

Christian and Hopeful’s escape from Doubting Castle

Write a critical analysis of the extract (Christian and Hopeful’s escape from Doubting Castle) discussing the characteristic features of Bunyan’s Style. Bunyan uses allegory and symbolism throughout Part one. This symbolism is used very effectively in this extract; we can see the powerful images that relate to the spiritual nature of the characters. Doubt is… View Article

The evangelist included the signs in order to make people believe

There is much speculation from scholars as to why John chose to include the signs, which are unique to the fourth gospel. Broadly speaking, there are two main views. The first is that the signs were intended purely to be accurate accounts of Jesus’ miracles, featuring historically and topographically factual details. The second, and perhaps… View Article

St.Mark’s Gospel

Introduction Experts on the Bible do not agree bout St. Mark, his Gospel and his message. However, most of them accept that Mark’s Gospel was written first. Other question such as who Mark was, where he lived, when he wrote and what sources he used are given different answers by different scholars. My project is… View Article

Prisons would not exist in a truly Christian society

“Prisons would not exist in a truly Christian society.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more that one point of view. All societies have different forms of punishment for people who break the law, some of these punishments are; the death penalty, imprisonment and fines. In this question… View Article

The human search for ultimate meaning in Christianity

FOCUS QUESTION- Compare and contrast the human search for ultimate meaning in Christianity and one of the four other major religious traditions. INTRODUCTION In the following report characteristics that contribute and help believers live a good, healthy life and find the ultimate meaning will be discussed in the seven characteristics of religion. The seven characteristics… View Article

Christian Response/Decisions on life and living

AO1- Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives. The heart of Christian ethics is love, which has its source in God. Christianity is based on the principal of love,’ love thy neighbour as yourself’ is the greatest teaching and in this context means having… View Article

The Status of Women In the New Testament

When assessing the history of women’s role and position in society, it is notably the period of the New Testament which proved to be a major turning point in the status of women, and was the starting point for the near-equality experienced in today’s society. Graham Stanton observes that ‘The status of women was markedly… View Article

Is it worth dying for one’s Christian principles?

This question cannot really be answered with just a yes or no response, any one who answers it must be able to explain why because everyone has their own informed opinion on this question. Some people would say yes because as all Christians believe, there is life after death with God, so there is no… View Article

The Canons of Christianity

The 20-something year-old new employee bravely asked her new coworker, “Are you a Christian?” She had bee taught to be strong in her faith and to not have fear in asking such questions. The coworker replied, “No, I’m not a Christian. I’m Catholic.” To this answer, the young female apostolate had not been prepared with… View Article