Choice Essay Topics

The play Hobson’s Choice

The play ‘Hobson’s Choice’ was written by Harold Brighouse in modern society but set in the Victorian times. It was written to reflect the social roles and values of its time. Social roles are duties, position, responsibilities or tasks that are expected of an individual by the public or a group of people while values… View Article

Hobson’s Choice

‘Hobson’s Choice’ by Harold Brighouse struck me initially as a well constructed play with a plot that was skilfully unravelled for us by the characters that Brighouse introduced. Each character had a role to play in bringing the plot of the play to a conclusion. The pace of the comedy was maintained throughout and was… View Article

Themes of No Country for Old Men

In this essay, M. D. will analyze the roles and choices the main characters made while relating them to the main theme of good versus evil and fate versus free will in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men. ) “Every moment in your life is a turning and every one a choosing. Somewhere you… View Article

Analysis of the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost shows the narrator coming to a fork in the wood, which offers two paths to take. By use of symbolism and various verb tenses in different stanzas the author was able to convey the overall meaning of the poem. The narrator scrutinized the road but does not find… View Article

Decision making software

The term ambivalence refers to the concept of uncertainty or fluctuation, especially when caused by inability to make a choice or by the simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things. This state of ambivalence manifests itself throughout people’s everyday lives. The choices and decisions one makes, whether it be small or… View Article

Libertarianism: Free Will and Inner Acts

For centuries philosophers have debated over the presence of free will. As a result of these often-heated arguments, many factions have evolved, the two most prominent being the schools of Libertarianism and of Determinism. Within these two schools of thought lies another debate, that of compatibilism, or whether or not the two believes can co-exist…. View Article

Analysis of “No Exit”, and Existentialism

“No Exit’s” central themes of freedom and responsibility come from Sartre’s doctrine that existence precedes essence. Sartre believed that a being-for-itself differed from inanimate objects, or a being-in-itself, since humans have the ability to choose and define their individual characteristics. But with this freedom of choice comes the absolute responsibility for one’s action. The fear… View Article

Choice and Real Life Product

Abstract: In the lab that was conducted, students were supposed to examine the tendencies of fruit flies, specifically Drosophila’s, to move toward or away from important stimuli that aide in their survival, also known as taxis. Another objective for this lab was to identify the patterns and relationships between environmental factors and a living organism…. View Article

Decision making software

The choices we make in our lives play a major role in whom or where we are going to be later in the future. There may be a time in our lifetime where we are faced with two or more choices. That is where we have to use the right judgment and decide what is… View Article

Antecedent Genre as Rhetorical Constraint

Written in 1975, Kathleen Jamieson’s “Antecedent Genre as Rhetorical Constraint” declares that discourse is determined by the Rhetorical Situation, as well as antecedent genres. Antecedent genres are genres of the past that are used as a basis to shape and form current rhetorical responses. When placed in an unprecedented situation, a rhetor can draw on… View Article

School Choice Initiative

Perceivably, the verbal communication in the school selection initiative is considerably astounding as that of any glitch any fairy tale might have played to offer the brood to their remorseful providence. Many critics have deliberately emphasized that the real intent of Proposition 174 revolves around the connotation that “All parents are hereby empowered to choose… View Article

Duty or Choice

Lt. Ehren Watada, a junior Army officer refused being deployed to Iraq based on his belief that the war is immoral and illegal. He was charged with missing movement and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman. The legal proceeding about the case was accompanied by public debate on the military’s duty to obey versus… View Article

Mrs. Ahmed

Mrs Ahmed You are a support worker for Mrs Ahmed who is 89, physically frail and lives alone. She has diabetes. Mrs Ahmed wants to eat foods that are not suitable for her medical condition, and asks you to shop for her as she is not able to get to the shop herself. Bi Describe… View Article

Crime and Individual Choice

Crime is a common phenomenon. Huge investments of any government go towards the containment and apprehension of crime offenders. The more crime acquires various forms and becomes prevalent, the more studies and theories are brought out to analyze the causes and motivations. A look at Australia in the recent past indicates public outcry over increased… View Article