Chine Essay Topics

Chinese language

Another major difficulty experienced by ESL Chinese students are the topic-comment structure of sentences. It could be noted that the value of the subject is not as important as it is with Chinese, it is often the case that Chinese sentences has a topic but seldom has a subject. As such ESL Chinese students often… View Article

Statue of Liberty

I have always dreamt of a better life. Since the early childhood when my dad and I had been going to the city market to sell some fruit and to buy some rice for the money earned. I do not remember us eating meat, may some bones that contained thin skin. Meat was too expensive… View Article

The terms Indianization and sinicization

The terms Indianization and sinicization when used to describe certain government administrations mainly refer to the incorporation of local elements into the government. It basically means that the foreign elements of the invaders or other foreign powers are gradually replaced by the indigenous peoples. This process can be used for any race or culture. Indianization… View Article

The Highest Good Is Like Water

In the eighth chapter of Laozi’s Daodejing, there is a famous saying, “The highest good is like water.” In my opinion, water has three main characteristics: flowing downhill, purifying dirt and benefiting everything without contending, which are also possessed by the highest good. Water always flows downhill and so does the highest good. Water is… View Article

China Dolls

The case started with the dilemma faced by the protagonist, Jeffry Cheong when both of his major clients KiKi and Houida (European fashion houses) was writing to Jeffry to inform him that they may be looking forward to China as the prices are very competitive. Jeffry Cheong was managing director at Haute Couture Fashions Bhd… View Article