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The article deals with the raise of a tariff on Chinese solar panels

US commerce department brings heavy tariffs against Chinese solar panels Investigation finds China kept prices low with subsidies, but some in US warn tariff will slow adoption of solar energy The Obama administration imposed heavy tariffs on Chinese solar panels on Thursday, after finding that China is flooding the market with government subsidised products. The… View Article

The China-Faced Doll

It seemed so harmless, just another one of its kind. Everyone was captivated by its innocent grin and other charming characteristics. If only everyone knew the truth. Everyday I feel the pain of my losses, living the consequences of a crackpot’s corrupted mind. My story begins nigh on one hundred years ago, when I was… View Article

Development in Malaysia

As Malaysia had experienced an extraordinary economic growth in the last 3 decades is has brought high standards of living for the majority of the people. The people in Kuala Lumpur and major tourist destinations can now enjoy a quality of living which is very similar to developed countries. While Malaysia has done extremely well… View Article

Life in the Orange Prison

I never really liked that eerie-looking building that always stood towering over me. Its orange walls and antique framework did not give me an comfortable feeling, although my imagination of a 5 year old told me that it did try to present a fai?? ade of spurious geniality with those wide welcoming staircases leading to… View Article

How has Chinese FP change since Moa and how important are economics?

Throughout History, China and her foreign policy has been the focus of much controversy and debate in the fields of History and International Relations. The size, geographical position, culture and politics of China make it, and have made it one of the most important actors in regional and international affairs. The aims and nature of… View Article

Chinese Foreign Policy & National Security

The China-South Korea axis is perhaps the most overlooked variable in the strategic environment of Northeast Asia. For nearly five decades their relationship was characterized by war, lack of dialogue and non-recognition; then, over a period of some three years, this situation gave away to fully normalized and amiable relations in 1992. Rapprochement between Seoul… View Article

How China has changed since the C.C.P (Chinese Communist Party)

During this piece of coursework I shall look at how China has changed since the C.C.P (Chinese Communist Party) took power in 1949. I shall look at the differences and similarities between Mao and Dung’s social economic and political policies. In 1949 Mao won the civil war against the Guomintang and declared China communist. Many… View Article

Evaluating China’s one child Policy

During the 1970s, China felt the indenting need for a drastic policy that would be able to control its ever-expanding population and to begin development in its country and thus the one child policy was born, if the policy had not been instituted china would have faced severe famine and starvation as it would not… View Article

Chinese Cinderella

From your reading of ‘Chinese Cinderella’ what do you find out about Chinese culture and tradition? ‘Chinese Cinderella’ is an autobiography written by Adeline Yen Mah which tells us about her childhood up to the age of fourteen years. This autobiography tells us what happened and Adeline’s experiences throughout her childhood. By reading this autobiography… View Article

The Chinese government at the start of the 21st

Chinas history is plagued with foreign intervention, invasion and natural disaster, but it is also booned with great, world leading technological advances and years of perfected heritage. The plain to see pattern that has formed over Chinas history is that during their failures there has been a lack of strong political leadership, and during prosperous… View Article

Second five year plan in 1958 by Mao Zedong

China is a gigantic country and historians can study and trace their civilisations as far back as five thousand years ago. The Manchu emperors had ruled China since 1644. At the end of the nineteenth century and leading up to the twentieth century the emperor of China, Guangxu, was dominated by his aunt, the empress… View Article

China and Europe during the Middle Ages

Globalisation is not new, though. For thousands of years, people and, later, corporations have been buying from and selling to each other in lands at great distances, such as through the famed Silk Road across Central Asia that connected China and Europe during the Middle Ages. Likewise, for centuries, People and corporations have invested in… View Article

Counting cells using the pour plate method

In the start of this assignment, I was told to choose one of seven other experiments to do. I chose the Counting cells using the pour plate method because I find it much easier than the other ones. In addition, I have had past experience therefore; it should be straightforward. I also have more knowledge… View Article