Children Essay Topics

Different children

For my work experience I worked in St. Joseph’s Nursery with a lot of different children with different abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience both with my colleagues and the children; I will never forget the experience I had. I organized the work experience placement myself; I always knew I was going to work with… View Article

Discuss the importance of children making choices

Issues that could be considered might be that the children are young and can’t make up their mind enough, even though it’s good to let children make choices the adults are to support the child helping and reassuring the child. Some children are more confident playing in a set activity; any child who is not… View Article

Children properly

Also it made the people in Britain more aware of what living conditions were like in the cities, foster parents were appalled at the state of the children they were looking after. This quote from source E shows how the foster parents were shocked at the children’s behaviour. “The children went round the house urinating… View Article

The working conditions for children during the 19th century

This essay is about the working conditions for children during the 19th century particularly in 1930s, 40s and 50s. The resources I used for this essay was a video called ‘Suffer The Children’ this video contained violent and some disturbing pictures towards conditions children were forced to work in. The Royal Commissions later investigated these… View Article

Children and parents

A new age man is a man that a man that believes in equality and shares all household chores with is partner exactly and contributes equally as much as the women. This is different from a house husband because this is a man who has had a complete role reversal and takes on the traditional… View Article

Pre-school children

I carried out my observation on a group of pre-school children consisting 1 boy and 2 girls for 13 minutes in the morning free play session. These children were about to do leaf and twig printing for the first time. The equipment that was provided was yellow paint, brown paint and green paint all of… View Article

Will War of The Worlds damage our children?

The article entitled “Will War of The Worlds damage our children? ” was selected from the Daily Mail on the 30th June 2005. The article is based on a film titled “War Of The Worlds” written by H. G Wells. Its content is of Martians invading Earth, signifying the end of human life and civilisation…. View Article

Was It A Good Idea To Evacuate Children In WWII?

Operation pied piper was the operation in which hundreds of thousands of children were evacuated away from big industrialised cities and transported into small countryside villages. This was done because the government feared bombing attacks on the big cities, so they believed that the children would come to less harm if they were away from this. The… View Article

Meeting the learning needs of all the children

Although these areas seem separate, they are not planned for individually. One activity may cover three or four areas of learning. In my opinion the Guidance Document is very repetitive. This can be due to the fact that one focused activity can cover many areas of the six areas of learning. Children are developing at… View Article

Children learn

The Guidance for the Foundation Stage Curriculum (2001) suggests that an appropriate curriculum for young children is a play-based curriculum, offering children a choice of play based activities and experiences. Siraj-Blatchford and Clarke (2000) agree that play has been well documented as a means by which young children learn. “Play is highly valued in the Early… View Article

Children in the reception class

The setting in which I am carrying out this assessment is a county infants school in the reception class. The school is located on the outskirts northwest of the town Ipswich. There are children altogether attending the school and there are twenty-eight children in the reception class. Inside the classroom there is space on the… View Article

The effect of day care on their children

I would generally agree with the view that parental characteristics highly affect how the environment of their child’s day care would be; indeed this will influence the social learning of the child. If a decision was made for the child to attend day care regularly, this obviously would be made by one, or both, of… View Article

Children with special educational needs

The home environment and lifestyle of a child can be influenced from as early as conception. In pregnancy if a mother chooses to drink alcohol they run the risk of alcohol crossing the placenta, which can lead to foetal alcohol syndrome. This condition affects foetal growth and causes delayed development, learning difficulties and congenital abnormalities…. View Article